E-commerce Platform for Scalable Businesses

Innovation + Commerce = Easy & Engaging Shopping Experiences

“Luck favors those who work hard for it.”

The raging and astounding growth of B2B, B2C, and C2C for a billion-dollar industry signals hard work isn’t sufficient for businesses. Neither a dash of technology nor a tweak of strategy nor a swipe of facility will work for glowering competitions.Questions having hard-to-find answers creeping in, the battle of survival rests at the edge of innovation, where one crack leaves it all diminished. E-commerce opportunities bring sounding benefits, but not without a sea of challenges.

People levy charges on big-box failures & substantial marketing ploys for brands sinking into deep troubles & quagmire-like situations. An E-commerce business ‘shouldn’t fail’ as it comes to full-fledged display in front of intelligent & informed traffic.

Skyrocketing prices & cut-throat competitions become fodder for people’s frustration. Any business, in the want of serving better & reliable services, should step up their presentation for the public. Here, we envisage a digitally succinct solution benefiting businesses & customers alike.

At Cruzotec, we intertwine innovation for commerce-building exercises. We use leading-edge technology, global partnership systems, and advanced marketplace for enhancing your business in domestic to international platforms.

According to Statista, Amazon’s E-commerce revenue through the company’s Online Stores segment amounted to 141.25 Billion US Dollars in 2019. Rivals continue raking billion dollars in the E-commerce sector owing to a rising score of online consumers. In 2020, more than a billion people across the globe have entered a transaction for buying/selling online.

Carousel of E-Commerce Products

Cruzotec builds high-end & perfect E-commerce products for your B2B, B2C, and C2C business. We offer customizable solutions for retail sector businesses of any size & type in the marketplace. Our platform engineers products you need with the right kind of tools, widgets, and support. Create an online business of your dreams and visions with our E-commerce platform.

Highlights of Smart E-commerce Benefits

Are you building a pepped up local store or a wide-ranging marketplace? Delightfully designed to serve the E-commerce businesses, the streak of features include:

  • Unlimited product additions – Heaping products for an exclusive store? Our ingenious E-commerce building platform helps you add any number of products for the business.
  • Category-based product variants – A product with a multitude of variants stock up easily for shopper’s elated browsing experience & product selection needs.
  • Buy/Sell physical & digital products – Virtual stores offer a surplus variety of products in the physical/digital format for customers to access without disruption.
  • Subscription management – Enable handling of zillions of subscriptions on a solid billing platform for maximizing your recurring revenues and enhancing shoppers’ experiences.
  • Multiple payment systems – Stripe-like payment systems recognize all major debit and credit cards from different countries, payment gateways, and popular options.
  • Mobile-based shopping experience – Increasing mobile-based shopping calls for smooth and clutter-free checkouts from online stores or marketplaces.
  • Rewards program – E-commerce websites, with purchasing incentives for customers, thrive with immense customer retention and acquisition for 3X to 5X sales.
  • Abandoned cart recovery – Online stores can recover and review abandoned checkouts for discovering patterns in association with shoppers leaving orders incomplete.

Cruzotec masterfully powers your business for unlocking your potential in the search of higher & long-term sales growth, functioning on a result-oriented campaign strategy.