How To Build A Home Services Marketplace

Home services marketplace facilitate easy & convenient booking of needy services like refrigerator repairs, AC repairs, fan or HVAC repairs, or any other service that can be provided at home.

Imagine your ceiling fan doing cranky noises for a while and you have trouble reaching the height to see what’s in there causing them. You may need a scaffolding or ladder or table or chair to check the problem and then reach a conclusion – you know nothing. 

So, you need a fan repair service personnel who can solve your problem. The actual problem starts then on when you have to go through several directories, websites, etc. to find a professional, who’s also not keen at doing the job. 

That was not pleasant at all. But, we’re past that situation when on-demand service apps like UrbanClap are ready to serve. This app has reached 10M+ Downloads on Google Play Store and enjoys a solid 4.1* Rating! We can tell you why. 

When you search for electricians for fan category in the “Services available in your area” using the app, you get options like: 

  • Ceiling Fan Regulator Replacement
  • Decorative Ceiling Fan Installation
  • Fan Repair (noise issue)
  • Fan Repair (speed issue)
  • Fan Replacement
  • Fan Uninstall 

And others with their respective price tags for services that you can “add” and pay along with add-on services and convenience charges. 

The app is like the Holy Grail for people by facilitating convenience at just fingertips.

This is not it. You can find access to multiple services like AC Repair, Refrigerator Repair, Plumbing Services, Carpentry Services, etc. based on your location. 

The whole point we’re driving here is the home services marketplace in a single app that helps you call for any kind of electronic repair & installation, plumbing services, and so on. Just sit in the cozy corner of your home and book a servicing specialist.

If you want to build a home service marketplace with a solid business model, you may want to enter the competition a systematic approach. Wrapping your brain around this idea can help you build a successful startup venture. 

Building A Platform For Home Services 

dashboard for home services marketplace

We noted a talk about building an MVP or Minimum Viable Platform to discover the viability of your business in the particular service area where you want to focus on. 

Conceiving jargons at this point will do no good, but you can brush your skills to get acquainted with the marketplace-related dictionary. A platform like a simple website is feasible for most of the startup entrepreneurs. JOBOY, Hilt, EasyFix, etc. are some websites that enable on-demand home services in India. These one-stop local home booking services allow both customers and providers to register themselves for availing two different sets of features – the ones relevant to their profiles.

Starting a website from scratch may take too long for you to see the results, but it may help you learn various technologies that you might not be aware of previously. Another disadvantage is that your go-to-market may get extended by the time you develop it fully. 

You can choose online marketplace development platforms to build a custom marketplace website at an affordable price. However, if you don’t have any precious time to forego, you should hire a home services website development company. A chilled way to get you wanted, at a reasonable price. 

Another alternative is a fascinating & go-to-market one that most startup business venture owners like to commence with – on-demand home services app. Since mobile app downloads have soared, so much so that Google adopts the mobile-first approach, climbing through apps seems only fair and practical these days. 

If we take Statista’s figures for confirming what’s true already, the global consumer spending on mobile apps in 2019 did gallop over 120bn USD. Reaching & connecting the audience via their Smartphones has colossal benefits and outcomes. 

Design & Technology for App Development

mobile apps over web apps

UI design, GPS location tracking, multi-touch gestures, social media connectivity, etc. under the two-fold app development have a crucial role. For all that a customer wants – a lightweight & clutter-free design would do the magic. App development companies work tremendously hard on developing reliable designs powered with solid technology for long-term use. 

If an app doesn’t live longer, a business has no feather to float. You must have seen various updates for different apps on your Smartphone, which could range anywhere from adding a new feature to “removing bugs” to managing a technical issue. People keeping abreast of tech-news do analyze these technical modifications and announcements. 

The right synchronization of apps with the device features like GPS, Camera, etc. are quintessential for complete performance. Similarly, aesthetically appealing and well-creative apps with a polished user experience make users happy. Therefore, you can’t procrastinate on either of the two. A crisp & interactive design powered by a robust technology is indispensable.

You should weigh your options for native or hybrid app development based on the current requirements for developing a platform, which includes initial costs, the size of the audience, expectations for returns, etc. A reliable App Development Company can resolve this query after a thorough analysis of your problem. 

Business Revenue Model for Home Services Marketplace

Earning revenue from an app – one of the challenges that are crucial for running any business. We admit that without a solid monetization strategy, you cannot think of building other revenue streams using relevant resources. 

How do these on-demand home service apps get paid? The answer is Commissions! 

Typically, entrepreneurs follow different business models, such as horizontal/vertical integration, bundling/unbundling, C2C, and so on. A plethora of topics like customer acquisition costs, demands, margins, etc. revolves to decide what’s better. Nevertheless, you should underline a business model that meets your idea & understanding. 

Having a uniform fee structure for your customers sets the ball in motion. Though you can charge customers for registration, especially those who have trouble finding customers, free sign-up and interaction are what most people admire and look forward to. You can charge commissions on each transaction on your platform. Also, this is a straightforward model to justify to your users. 

Additionally, advertisements, cross-selling services, etc. can boost your revenues in tandem with the earnings from a stable & sound business revenue model. You should ensure a proper platform where users are willing to pay. 

How To Find The Early-stage Providers?

Building a marketplace is one thing and populating it with service providers is another. Users of Fiverr, UpWork, UrbanClap, etc. have developed a great reputation en masse through millions of downloads, but they too started as rookies. 

Here are some options:

  • Find active service providers in other marketplaces. Different Facebook groups dedicated to the home services marketplace may help you quickly find them. Quite a smart tactic or a value proposition can draw them out of their current marketplace. You should focus on delivering a high-quality & lucrative alternative for them to sign up for you.
  • Check Google, Directories, Aggregators, and more. Google, Yelp, Yellow Pages, etc. are easy-to-go places for a device-user to find a service. You can pick your service providers from here and offer a working space that helps them find clients nice and quick. Compile a list big enough to catch ‘em all one after another.
  • Social Networking Sites and Online Forums. Quora is a stunning place to answer people’s queries with a solution of yours. Similarly, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. have profuse opportunities to connect with service providers. You may well note down some concurrent promo ad campaigns run by individuals or companies to pitch them your service. Online forums like Reddit are also useful in finding your specific audience. 

Costs for Developing A Home Services Marketplace

Developing a platform from scratch may cost around 50000 USD or more which is not intentionally exaggerated at all. Honestly, developers spend arduous efforts in powering a service marketplace with a rugged transaction engine, admin functionality, and multi-feature set. This is time-consuming, expensive, and somewhat difficult. 

Fortunately, there are far more cost-efficient alternatives. Be it building a website or app, creating a brand name, advertising or marketing, a bundle of services can cost within $2000-$15000. This platform will have the ability to launch quickly, expand when required, and sell immensely. 

In an overwhelming range of App Development Companies, you should evaluate a firm with essential credentials, a strong track record in service marketplace app development, critical examples for references, and a transparent outlook. One-to-one consultations with one of them let you understand better about their quality of services for foreseeing tangible results.

Go-to-Market Strategy for Developing An On-Demand Mobile App

home services marketplace

Lack of proper product release strategy, absence of product definition, poor marketing and customer acquisition plans are the common pitfalls for failing apps developed by new business ventures. You should build a healthy go-to-market strategy for developing an on-demand mobile app. Here are a few considerations for you:

  • Know your market viability. Along with an understandable product definition, exploring the market viability is critical for launching an app on different play stores. Who are your competitors you are going to face in the current service area? What are their strengths and how they leverage on that? These are primary questions you should find answers to. 
  • Organic marketing & paid advertising. Albeit Google Ads have become a new norm for increasing customer outreach, methods like optimization for organic search engine rankings, Facebook advertising, Instagram Advertising, etc. are also effective channels for boosting online visibility and converting potential traffic into customers. 
  • User acquisition strategy. Much to everyone’s benefit, early access programs, teasers, and multifarious deals are common user acquisition methods. You must create an opportunity for new users to reap benefits off your service marketplace rather than letting them go for solid value propositions offered by your competitors. 


Well-begun is half done – a proverb that has aged well. Startup owners floundering at the start of sketching an idea may not even identify visible, legitimate ways to reach success. You can play your conscience to the strengths by adopting a realistic and smart strategy for creating a home services marketplace that offers people what they need, and more so, at the time of distress