On-demand Apps Examples – The 3 Trendsetting Brands Who Are Making It Big!

Easy, fast & convenient – the mantra for on-demand apps leveraging non-hired resources has given a solid thrust to the on-demand economy. In the following, we discuss 3 popular on-demand app examples that put everyone in awe.

Uber Technologies Inc.
Uber Technologies has crossed 14bn USD in Global Net Revenue.

14bn USD – that’s the global net revenue of Uber. The American MNC of Uber Technologies, Inc. boasts of 110mn users worldwide – a spectacular figure for a company that started only a decade ago.

All it started with an idea from the founder, Garrett Camp, who wanted to cut down direct transportation costs. Within a short period, Uber expanded its services with options like UberX and UberPOOL for allowing users to access cheap traveling services.

Uber entered the online food delivery industry with Uber EATS, which went on to become popular with over 10 million app downloads across the globe. These on-demand delivery apps made an immediate connection with the users by offering on-demand services at affordable prices.

Be it food or taxi, the availability of on-demand access to goods & services led to Uber’s illustrious top-ranking in the on-demand economy.

Uber’s ride-hailing app runs through a business model of a two-sided marketplace. That means the platform collects a commission from both customers and drivers or service providers. Since drivers enjoy a flexible work schedule (they can choose to accept/decline requests) and customers can avail of a comfortable ride by paying a reasonable fee, the model became a huge success in the markets.

As of May 2018, Statista reports that Uber has a global market value of 72bn USD.

Doordash delivery app
With 900 million USD, DoorDash registers significant revenue collection

In a bid for “delightful delivery,” DoorDash entered the Platform-to-Customer segment of the on-demand apps economy and spellbound everyone. The ‘dashing’ on-demand food delivery app has a record 10 million+ app downloads with 4.5+ ratings across Android & iOS platforms.

People can satisfy their cravings with their favorite foods anytime! This American third-party delivery service company overtook its popular competitor, GrubHub, in 2019.

With a company value of 13bn USD worldwide, this on-demand food delivery app expanded its business across 4000+ cities with almost 310,000+ menus. The easy & advanced ordering options have been a strong point for DoorDash as it earns more fame.

“The Dash Pass subscription makes the service an even easier one to access,” reviews Elijah Douresseau – an app user. Indeed, the DashPass subscription service of $0 delivery charges for orders above $15 became an instant hit among customers.

With access to a huge variety of cuisines from favorite restaurants, customers delightfully register their opinions in their app reviews. With features like real-time tracking and no-contact deliveries, the technology company ensures reliable and safe services.

Dashers, as they call the drivers of DoorDash, are employed at the food delivery company unlike their competitors in the USA. The merchants registered with the company pay a 20% commission, according to the business model.


With 10,000,000+ installs, UrbanClap recently called ‘Urban Company’ has become India’s largest service marketplace app, covering a wide range of at-home services, including Beauty & Wellness, Repairs, Home Projects, and Health at Home.

Currently, the company has a network of 25,000+ trained professionals for facilitating on-demand service bookings in a virtual marketplace. Whether fixing the refrigerator or mending the leaking pipes, customers can directly call a technician on demand.

UrbanClap follows a dual approach business revenue model with a “commission model” and “reverse auction” for earning revenues. Grasping the fusion of AI and Machine Learning, this startup company has successfully plugged various loopholes.

As one of the fastest-growing startup companies in India, UrbanClap still has a long way to register colossal revenues, but it has already made the right noises in the industry by facilitating housekeeping services from plumbers, carpenters, electricians, cleaning and pest control, etc.

People urgently requiring at-home services can easily book a service professional for a fixed amount of charges. This suitably adjusts for both servicepersons and customers.

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