What Is An On-demand Service?

“Want groceries right now? Order these best items using on-demand delivery apps.”

Advertisements or Infomercials croon eclectic lines such as the above to convince consumers about fulfilling their ‘on-demand’ requirements. Simply explained, when brands or marketplaces or sellers/suppliers serve whatever (product/service) you need as and when required – it’s called on-demand service.

Emerging on-demand services platform reaffirms the progress of the IT industry & how rapidly it has transformed the world into a fast-paced one. According to Statista, the P2C or Platform-to-Consumer Delivery segment eyes a revenue growth of 31.5% year-on-year with 70.174bn USD.

Just like Uber EATS, an on-demand food delivery service, millions of apps prevalent in this world proffer on-demand services to a customer count of over a billion. Right from successful business models to thriving smart solutions, entrepreneurs across the globe have mastered the arts & science of technology for fulfilling the demands of their respective consumers.

Be it courier delivery, grocery delivery, service marketplace, or booze delivery, a myriad of options available for customers make life easy, smooth, and convenient. Additional features like flexible scheduling, no-contact delivery, etc. augment user experience. Gone are those days when on-demand was confined to a typical IT industry’s glossary.

 With opportunities rife in various sectors these days, aspiring entrepreneurs or businesses can leap ahead to fulfill their desires of opening a delivery business program. With an ingenious idea, reliable & secured tools like web/mobile applications, and engaging partnerships, these models take off for an achievement.

Activities like market feasibility & analysis, identification of competitor’s failures, key pain points faced by customers, and related issues amalgamate to provide a raw picture for starting a project from scratch. You can align the priorities to carry out the on-demand requests of consumers, which is possible through best-in-form on-demand service apps.