Best 5 Food Delivery Apps In USA

Best 5 Food Delivery Apps In USA

Best 5 Food Delivery Apps In USA
Best Food Ordering Apps in USA

The online food delivery segment in the USA has reached 287.5 billion U.S. dollars in 2023. With innovations, trendy stuff, and technological advancements along with Smartphone & digital world, people expect immersive experiences. On-demand food delivery apps “drive” food to the platter in home. It leaves very little to imagine how food ordering apps in USA became hot favorites in the last decade.

We all can see how Uber Eats app in the Food & Drink segment became a rockstar on iOS with 10M+ (4.8 star rating!) installs and Android with 100,000,000+ installs.

How to build a Food Delivery Startup?

Uber Eats

This on-demand food delivery app prompted the same success as the ride-sharing taxi app starting with the same name. One of the most successful apps, Uber Eats app helps people order their favorite food from local restaurants and food outlets for doorstep delivery.


Dashing to the service, the DoorDashers link restaurants and food delivery. The locally grown food delivery service provider has beaten Uber Eats with top-notch competition. A sub for DoorDash drivers on Reddit has tremendously interesting threads to read & participate.


The 4.7 rating (featuring 2,432,631 votes) of this on-demand food ordering app tells why people love it so much. A few simple taps lets anyone order food to their homes from the restaurants they love. This pickup and delivery platform also offers corporate plans for food delivery.


Postmates app has a separate fanbase for its timely deliveries for tasty food orders. Started as logistics and on-demand delivery platform, Postmates configured a solid business with food order deliveries. App store ranks Postmates as one of the top 5 food delivery apps.

Yelp Food, Delivery & Services

Being one of the unique food ordering apps enables customers to order food nearby, discover new and popular restaurants, make reservations, and book pickup and delivery from the phone. From finding local restaurants to beauty professionals, this app does a lot more than food delivery services.

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