Hospital Appointment Booking App: Cost, Benefits, & Features

Healthcare shouldn’t be taken lightly and people understand this fact more or less in any context. Despite multi-pronged efforts from governments, for-profit & not-for-profit organizations, and volunteering people, totally accessible medical & clinical help hasn’t been established. A hospital appointment booking app is one such initiative to provide immediate healthcare alternatives to people. With the growing healthcare missions, the support of innovation and technology would drive effective results for everyone.

What is the Hospital Appointment Booking System?

The Hospital Appointment Booking System helps patients book/schedule their appointment with healthcare providers, such as doctors or specialists in a systematic way.

Medical spa booking software or online hospital appointment booking system streamlines and eliminates operational challenges regarding appointment scheduling processes in hospitals, hospices, clinics, treatment centers, etc.

These apps help you book an appointment with a doctor beforehand. You don’t have to sit in queues or wait for long hours for consulting a doctor.

How does it work?

The necessity of a hospital appointment app or on demand doctor appointment booking app was long understood after watching the queues in the hospitals or treatment centers.

Of course, hospitals scheduled appointments over the phone, but it too had a fair share of inconsistencies, such as time-slot mix-ups, name mix-ups, and so on.

An example might help you understand.

I work in an area, where too many hospitals or doctors aren’t easily accessible. If I am suffering from a medical issue, I won’t be able to find any doctor for immediate assistance.

With the help of an on-demand doctor appointment booking app, I can consult a specialized doctor for my medical issue and receive the prescription online. Similarly, I can use the app to book a meeting with a specialist doctor in my choice of hospital.

What led to the huge popularity of Doctor and Hospital Appointment Booking Applications?

Easy accessibility, zero paperwork, and several features on the doctor/hospital appointment app provide an edge to healthcare providers.

Below are the explained features of these apps.

  • Easy Accessibility

Smartphones are rocking the planet these days. Swift & easy, a Smartphone app lets you play your favorite tune, order pizza, or watch videos. The innovative application for doctor appointment makes it easily accessible for patients to book a consultation with a doctor or schedule a meeting in the hospital.

People can easily search for specialization, clinic/hospital, and doctor using search & filter options. Video-calling features make it convenient for patients to interact and consult. Meanwhile, doctors can prescribe medicines or treatments after accessing the patient’s requirement or virtually investigating health conditions.

  • Paperless Records

Doctors & hospitals can eliminate paperwork associated with a patient’s medical history or record. Remember, keeping files and folders and all those paperwork took ages? Also, they had to be preserved properly. However, electronic records save paperwork-related trouble for both patients and doctors/hospitals.

Any patient visiting a doctor needn’t have to carry all the documents. Doctors can swiftly, at the touch of their fingertips, access a patient’s medical history from the application itself. The digitally saved data on the cloud remains safe and secure under established encryption standards. How’s that idea for saving papers & trees? – Go digital & save the environment!

  • Competitive Edge

A digitally equipped organization has a competitive advantage over those who don’t. For all the modern means of communication, Smartphone apps remain the top-notch choice. If doctors or hospitals can interact with their respective patients, it only makes them friendly and accessible for their emergency requirements.

Popular chains of hospitals are incorporating cutting-edge hospital appointment booking app to upscale their operations and boost efficiencies of resources. In the face of adversity and tough challenges ahead, any hospital can readily serve with a hospital booking app system and regain an edge over the rivals.

  • Handsome Earnings

The frantic search for hospitals or doctors these days had people exposed to awful experiences. The novel Coronavirus epidemic has left people in a confused state, when they want to get treated for mild disorders or health issues, but can’t risk themselves visiting a hospital where Corona-affected patients are admitted. Nevertheless, doctors offering medical advice via apps have handsome earnings.

If you are running a clinic or hospital, you can go digital with hospital app development for boosting your revenues. Practo doctor consultation app is one such example of doctor consulting apps. It is where you can book tests & checkups for diagnostics. A Practo chat with doctor via video call enables easy and convenient medical consultation.

  • Time-saving Instrument

Transport has become one of the least likable things during the Covid-19 crisis. Even originally, personal visits to doctors took an ample amount of time. Don’t forget the fuel and transport costs.

A doctor or hospital appointment booking app allows both patients and doctors to communicate at their respective places for consultation.

These apps also help doctors prioritize work-life balance during trips or holidays. They can provide consultation to patients and keep the revenues up & running.

Some excerpts of interviews given by doctors highlight how these apps have proven beneficial for them and patients, who get direct access to healthcare from their home or office.

Interested to invest in hospital booking app development?

Consider the following ideas!

Only the application prevailing on the top of your mind won’t help. You shall weigh different factors to facilitate the best health services (& specialty treatment) to patients.

  • If you are a doctor, ask your patients about their friendliness with Smartphones or Smart devices and would they be comfortable with online consultation.
  • An administrator must learn the perspective of hospital staff and workers.
  • Hospitals should open a website & social media channels for connecting with people.
  • Research on information available about various hospital booking appointment apps, their features & specifications, downloads, reviews and ratings.
  • Find the leading hospital appointment booking system development companies. Appointment-based discussions can produce a bigger perspective for you to understand their services & support.
  • Discuss the features and specifications relevant to your hospital or clinic for designing a customized app.
  • Consult hospital booking app owners about the costs they paid for application development. Or, you can compare their costs on platforms like Flutter, Phonegap, and React Native.
  • Choose iOS and Android for application development, given their popularity in the market.

The must-have technologies in a hospital appointment booking application

In this fast-paced world of cutting-edge technologies, change is inevitable. Upgrading and advancing your application with meaningful features integrated to solve patient’s problems will make it more successful in the market.

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • E-Wallet
  • Voice Assistant
  • Video Calling

The video calling feature and chat messenger equipped with the application allows patients to consult doctors online. The introduction of digital wallet and e-wallets has benefited users to make cashless payments online anytime and anywhere.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have become highly relevant for eCommerce and online businesses to build an outstanding base. Voice assistant-like features make it easy for searches without having to type anything.

How much does the hospital booking appointment system cost?

Adding engaging & top-notch features into this app makes it super-rich for interaction. A company develops customized solutions for its customers and integrates features specified by the hospitals and doctors. Therefore, the cost can vary on various parameters.

That being said, the cost of healthcare app in Android and iOS application development may vary between $15000 and $20000. Again, this is rough estimate for a hospital booking app. For a web application with all basic features and payment gateways it should be done under $1000.

How Cruzotec can help you with application development?

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  • Customized White-labeled Application
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Wrapping It Up

Cruzotec refreshes with new, innovative knowledge and brings out-of-the-box ideas to help a business achieve the greatest heights of success. We like to do simple things in a unique manner with the help of our mobile design & development experts. Our readymade on demand white label app for food/grocery/medicine is a hit. For a specific query or quote request, you can contact us here.