Can I Use Uber As A Courier?

Yes – in a few select cities of the US, Canada, Portugal, India, and other countries.

Lockdown restrictions & safety precautions both set in as a hurdle for communications. Otherwise, you would have run an errand to do all the tasks by yourself. It’s great if you have chosen to stay at home.

Uber has introduced Uber Connect & Uber Direct for courier delivery services. So now if you ask – Can I use Uber to transport stuff? – The answer is a “yes,” given the condition that you live in one of the selected cities.

Uber Connect comes bundled in the original Uber app (no need for separate downloads!) for customers to use regarding the delivery of packages at a chosen location. You can opt for these services if you have an urgent delivery to make at a friend’s place. They work as smoothly as normal Uber services and provide contact-less delivery.

Uber Direct allows app users in New York, Australia, Portugal, and South Africa (currently available) to deliver pet supplies, OTC medicines, and parcels at the doorstep in a safe and contact-free manner. Uber has forged partnerships with select drug stores for facilitating OTC medicine delivery.

In a similar option, Swiggy has inducted ‘Genie’ in its app for pickup/drop of any items and courier service. Understandably, various apps have drawn inspiration from Uber Connect package delivery services after the lockdown was imposed in different countries by creating Uber like apps.

As far as the ‘item’ doesn’t fall under the list of prohibited items, you are free to send the package via Uber drivers. Indeed, this is a must-have precautionary measure for delivery drivers to apply. Items like firearms, hazardous substances, perishable products or foods, etc. are not allowed for delivery via Uber. The company has established a set of SOPs for the proper functioning of these services.