Can Uber Pick Things Up For You?

Aren’t they putting their lives at risk for pickup & delivery?

A fierce battle on Reddit may have unveiled the pros and cons of this. However, the answer is purely subjective here. An Uber driver may or may not choose to pick up & deliver for you. Typically, it seems an ingenious idea to get a package delivered via Uber, but it has problems attached to it.

Problems, what problems? The ‘trust’ factor plays a prominent role in deciding whether the driver will consider your plea or request for the same or not. In that case, you should have honest answers for the Uber driver to get convinced.

For example, if you have an urgent package to deliver at your friend’s place, you shall inform the driver and seek their approval for delivering those goods. Don’t get offended if they deny since they have the right to disapprove of this transport-based transaction.

The Surprising ‘Connect’

But, all of the above happened previously when Uber Connect wasn’t introduced. Yes, the Uber Connect is a new feature for transporting small and medium packages (following a set of rules) to the desired location.

The Covid-19 situation has triggered a widespread panic all over the world and Uber Connect is available in select cities across the US, Canada, India, etc. There’s a list of prohibited items, such as animals, firearms, perishable food or beverages, drugs, hazardous items, stolen goods, sexual aids, etc. that cannot be transported.

What you need to do here is check if your city is enlisted for the ‘Uber Connect’ option. Then, you can proceed accordingly for meeting the driver at the curbside and loading the package into the vehicle’s boot. Don’t forget to share the trip with the recipient so that they can directly track and collect the package at their doorstep.