How Do I Create An On Demand Delivery App?

Creating an app like UberEats, Zomato, Grubhub, Urbanclap, etc. does take sizable efforts, considering the type, sector, execution, and maintenance activities. But, the rich dividend it pays also leaves everyone smiling ear to ear.  

The Platform-to-Consumer delivery segment amounts revenue of 70, 471mn USD with +31.5% increase year-on-year, as reported by Statista. With 700+ million users worldwide, the demand for on-demand delivery app continues to ascend like none other. 

Walk Through the process of developing an on-demand delivery application

No bits and pieces, but a laid-out process helps you build on demand delivery app. Here we go now. 

  • Research & Validation

What is the idea of developing it quickly and easily? Did you research enough on the major pain points for customers or analyze the competition or perform a survey? This is a Holy Grail step before deciding on app development for reaching a logical conclusion. 

  • MVP or Minimum Viable Product

We could have added it in the point above, but it’s the actual key point to address. Develop a minimum viable product (MVP) to understand whether the consumers want it or not. This step validates an idea for its success or failure in the market. 

  • Checklist of Features for the On-demand Delivery App

Leveraging on features like registration, analytics & management, real-time tracking, payment gateway integration, service operations, and feedback collection depends on the target niche – focusing on whether it makes life easy for a user. A consumer’s perspective elucidates the pivotal struggling points – revealing the acceptance percentage. 

  • Cost for developing the app 

It goes like this:

App Development Cost = Development Hours * Hourly Development Charges

For example, if a basic version of an app takes 200 hours of development, where the App Development Company or developer charges $20/hour, then it costs $4000. This facilitates only a rudimentary illustration regarding the cost of building an on-demand delivery application. 

What Are The Ways of Getting The Technical Part Done?

From identifying the right platforms for building the app to managing the app upgrades, a professional team with technical expertise should execute the project. If you have a full-fledged team, you can let things through. Otherwise, you need a reliable app development company for help.