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How do I start a successful Home Based Food Business?

As latest trends suggest, people in India have pursued an entrepreneurial mindset to start their own business, be it home based food business in a hyperlocal region or higher up in multi-city, they have taken off with the wings of imagination to make it big out there. 

So, as it crops up for you to start a home based food business, how’d you start – like what are the steps to start off, what are the compliances you may require? What will be the costing? How much time does it take to get success? What are the tools to confirm? Let’s start off from some facts to understand the market. 

According to Statista, Indian food market revenue amounts to $866.70bn and is expected to grow annually by 8.01% (Compounded Annual Growth Rate, 2022-27).

Startista Report for Food Annual Growth in India

Do you have a grand plan or a small one? Any home-based business would have a predefined goal or may not, but they endure a lot of challenges to make it successful. Check out the following to set up your own home based food business.

  1. Your specialty to exclusive sales

Most household settings bring out common delicacies that are demanded. But, you can carve a niche for yourself by offering your specialties that are exclusive to your brand only. Additionally, cook a few cuisines to fill the demand in the market and beat the competition. 

  1. Start small in the hyperlocal region

Wondering what could be a start? Should you take a place to start cooking & selling? If you wish to start without an investment, we recommend you start in limited quantities of a specific set of menu. This way, you can earn feedback and know when to scale. 

  1. Food licenses for home based businesses

FSSAI-approved institutions and regulatory compliant businesses have an established reputation in the food industry. You may talk to a food licensing professional to determine the required permissions. Also, don’t forget to check with your local authorities for fire & security measures. 

  1. Secret ingredients, storage and packaging solutions

Develop contacts with the suppliers for completing deliveries of high-quality food to your customers. Any secret ingredient should be plentily available to fill your customer’s delight. Hygienic and optimum food storage facilities shall help you handle perishables. 

Packaging food is one of the most important aspects of ensuring customer satisfaction, as food shouldn’t leak or damage during transit. You can find food packaging containers online or join local Facebook groups to connect with suppliers. P. S.: Don’t engage unless they produce genuine identification of their business.

  1. Hyperlocal delivery partners or logistic service providers

You need reliable delivery service for safe and hygienic food deliveries till the last-mile. Discuss with hyperlocal delivery partners or logistic service providers in your region at affordable prices. Compare delivery fares per order to find a suitable solution for your food business.

  1. Set up online platform like a website or App for taking orders

You can use a website or white-label delivery apps to sell your products on an exclusive menu. As it helps you showcase your products and take orders easily, it gives an advantage of building a brand and business perception in the market. 

  1. Use social media and branding to increase your sales

Brand awareness is the key to social outreach. While focusing on business operations, you can leverage on powerful branding and marketing tools like Google Business, social networking sites, local advertising, influencer marketing and more. 

Partnering with some local brands that have an impeccable reputation can help you penetrate a largely untapped market. Basically, food business from home require a popular platform to let people know and relate. 

Food safety and hygiene is prominent to build a brand out of nowhere. Regular engagements with your customers to build a long and consistent relationship can spread a positive word for your home based food business.