top 10 shipping aggregators in india for online sellers

Top 10 Shipping Aggregators in India for Online Sellers

The COVID-19 pandemic has led the Indian business world to a standstill. The poisonous disease has spread across the country at a rapid pace, disrupting and debilitating entire industries in its wake. During this outbreak, a transformation has led to buying of essential services from various e-commerce marketplaces.
The logistics and aggregators industry has been on the frontline since the beginning of the unprecedented crisis, certifying that the supply chains remain unscathed. Since the manufacturing industries were severely hit due to labor shortage and the lockdown restrictions being imposed on the movement of goods and businesses, the supply has been disrupted.
Here are the top 10 shipping aggregators in India for online sellers-

1- Delhivery

Aggregator Shipping in India

One of the most reliable courier services partners in India, Delhivery aims to deliver satisfaction to their customers at their doorsteps. It takes less amount of time and besides, domestic shipment it also offers services for reverse logistics & also, international shipments too. Being one of the largest and most profitable logistics companies, it is known for catering to the needs and demands of various successful eCommerce businesses in India. Delhivery provides on-demand deliveries on the same day or the next day according to the convenience of the customers.

2- Shipway

Shipway: All-in-one Shipping Solution

Shipway is among India’s top shipping aggregators and is integrated with 10+ courier partners to make the job of selecting the perfect courier for your orders super easy, apart from that they also allow businesses to integrate their own courier partner to Shipway’s platform which makes this platform unique. Shipway is trusted by 15000+ e-commerce businesses for their e-commerce delivery operations as it provides fast and cost-effective deliveries due to its availability over 29000+ pin codes all over India. Apart from courier aggregation, it offers add-on services like real-time order tracking, SMS/WhatsApp order notifications, COD fraud detection, early COD remittance, NDR follow-ups for reducing RTOs, and return/refund automation, all within one single platform. Its dedicated support team offers tailor-made solutions and on-call support, making it the best fit for businesses of all sizes.

3- Ekart

India shipping aggregator

We all know Ekart through Flipkart. It is also a very popular Indian courier delivery services & an electronic commerce subsidiary company, Flipkart Pvt Ltd. Ekart currently serves 38,000+ pin codes throughout India. They have become popular specially because of their lower rates and same day delivery in some cities. Same delivery is automated in 13 cities of India while next-day delivery is available in 50. They also aid in providing smooth reverse logistics and return management.


Dalsey, Hillblom and Lynn is an international courier, parcel and express mail, a subsidiary of the German Logistics company Deutsche Post DHL, one of the largest companies of the world, with services in more than 220countries & territories, worldwide. They deliver more than 1,3 billion parcels every year. Known for their domestic & international pick-up, delivery & return solutions, DHL has carved a niche of themselves in the logistics market segment.

5- Shiprocket

Shipping Aggregator in India

Shiprocket has 8 shipping partners to provide quality services to e-commerce traders which helps the online sellers to strengthen their business. It offers discounted shipping which helps the e-commerce traders to earn profit by providing reasonable rates to consumers. There are four types of pricing plans for traders so they can choose the plan as per their convenience and budget. The services are provided to more than 20000+ pin codes on cash on delivery which is very beneficial for online sellers. One can also view the dashboard which gives the live tracking details of the shipment to the online sellers as well as to the customers.

6-Ecom express

Suitable for both shipping and logistics services, Ecom Express is the newbie that you can’t simply ignore. It has become a leading end-to-end logistics solutions provider which keeps on focusing on speed, safe and reliable express delivery nationwide, specially for the ecommerce industry. With more than 6 lakh+ satisfied customers & 25k pin code areas coverage in more than 2400 cities, Ecom Express has pretty affordable pricing charts and is known for their great service quality & quicker deliveries.


Shipping aggregator India

Since 90s, DTDC has had a widespread network throughout the nation, currently catering 10,000+ customers across 17,500+ pin codes where more than 80% of its consumers are based through ecommerce deliveries. The services are highly reliable. Though it originated in India, DTDC is now serving in more than 25+ countries. What adds value to DTDC delivery segment is the ability to handle a wider variety of products including high-value goods, heavyweight goods and even dangerous or hazardous materials (HAZMAT).

8- iThink Logistics

One of the best shipping aggregators in India, iThink Logistics makes your shipping process easier than ever by providing shipping services at 26000+ pin codes in India which helps the e-commerce traders to expand their business in a large chunk. With multiple shipping partners, the online sellers can choose their desired courier service providers themselves. It charges a minimum rate for shipping services as the charges do not include the setup fees which makes it different from other shipping aggregators. It is very useful for small scale online sellers as they do not have much capital.

9- Ship Karo

A very promising and reliable shipping aggregator for online sellers, Ship Karo provides three kinds of pricing offers to the online traders that are based on individual, business and enterprise to provide budget convenience to the traders. It provides shipping domestically as well as internationally as it has 12 shipping partners. One can avail huge discounts for bulk shipping orders. It offers full cash on delivery support at 20000+ pin codes which helps online sellers to expand their business.

10- FedEx

With a much uncomplicated and hassle-free shipping process, FedEx is widely known for its excellent delivery and affordable prices in its areas of service. The company stands for its renowned reputation and helps eCommerce businesses ship their products at lowest rates. The express shipping options along with Cash on delivery services can be availed for increased customer satisfaction and faster delivery of products.

Wrapping It Up

The tremendous growth of ecommerce business is leading to the emergence of shipping aggregators in the transportation sector. Hiring shipping aggregators for your business has many benefits like reduction in transportation costs, maintenance charges & training costs. If you need an ecommerce platform too, we can help you. Contact us today.