Top 15 Online Payment Methods for e-Commerce Sites

online payment methods

No matter how we make money online, all one needs is a reliable, safe, user-friendly payment solution. Set up an e-commerce store or an online course, you need to have online payment methods that are definitive and safe. Here are 15 of the best online payment methods for e-commerce sites you’ll love for your online business.

1- PayPal

Paypal is one of the best online payment methods for e-commerce sites with over 254 million users. People have an easier time making a purchase on your website if you let them do the checkout process with PayPal. Presently used by over 17 million businesses and customers, PayPal has a conversion rate of 82% higher than other payment options.
That’s a pretty engrossing reason to use PayPal. Luckily, adding a PayPal button to your checkout process is very simple.

2- Amazon Pay

Amazon is undoubtedly one of the most popular sites across the globe. It is one platform that almost all your customers will have accounts with already. Adding Amazon Pay to your store can make it easier for the already Amazon customers to shop with you without having to worry about neither the payment data nor the payment check-out process. This would definitely reduce barriers for lakhs of your customers, also offering proven fraud protection. Works seamlessly on mobile devices, providing you a hassle-free experience, Amazon Pay is one of the best online payment methods for e-commerce sites. Setting up an Amazon Pay button in your website with their Express integration takes some minutes. You can also use their API to enhance productivity and drive revenue.

3- Stripe

Stripe has a cloud-based infrastructure designed for reliability & security. The feature-rich payment processing platform makes it easy to accept payments from a range of sources (credit cards, digital wallets, ACH transfers, and other different currencies). With a number of options for the checkout process,people with limited skills can also embed checkout to your site.

Elements in Stripe guarantee you real-time validation, dynamic localization, autofill functionality and better formatting.

4- Simplify Commerce

Simplify Commerce, a MasterCard entity, means to make it simple for your business to get installments. With on the web, in-application, and in-person alternatives, you can get your business’ online business undertakings going effectively and furnished to your exceptional specifications. Simply Commerce is designer well disposed. Mix is not difficult to join in a large group of programming dialects (Ruby, PHP, Python, and Java, to give some examples) and programming improvement packs are additionally available for iOS and Android use. On their site, you can likewise see test code and access designing help. Basically Commerce is gotten by a name you trust — MasterCard — so it’s not difficult to believe that they’ll ensure your exchanges.

5- Google Pay
Google Pay

If anyone can compete with PayPal and Amazon for market share, it’s Google. The company now offers their own online payment method, Google Pay where hundreds of millions users already have their card information saved to their respective Google accounts. This means providing a Google Pay option gives an added convenience to a significant number of people. Many industry giants have added Google Pay in their payment processes. Very easy to integrate into an ecommerce platform. One has to gain access to the API and add it to the site. They have loyalty programs, digital gift cards and special deals for customers so everyone can totally skip the paper & plastic cards. It also works with PayPal and Visa Checkout for added reach. GPay doesn’t charge you anything for using the service. It’s free for both you and your customers.

6- We Pay

WePay is an online installment arrangements organization that gives installments foundation to autonomous programming sellers and programming stages. This framework empowers private companies to acknowledge installments through the product stages.

JPMorgan Chase acquired WePay in 2017, which empowered usefulness, for example, same-day stores to Chase bank accounts.Each product seller or stage arranges its own rate with WePay.

7-Apply Pay
Apple Pay

For individuals who use Apple gadgets—and that is over 64% of individuals in the U.S.— Apple Pay fills in as a versatile wallet when they’re making the rounds, and a single tick installment alternative on sites that acknowledge it. For versatile clients, clients can even look at Apple Pay by utilizing their touch recognizable proof—it doesn’t get a lot simpler than that. Apple Pay utilizes tokenization to keep Mastercard data secure, implying that once a client gives their Mastercard data to the assistance, the gadget speaks with the responsible bank to make an arbitrarily produced number (or token) to address that card. That darkens the data from programmers, guarding buyers’ monetary information while working rapidly.

You can set your site up to acknowledge Apple Pay by utilizing their API, as long as you utilize one of the viable stages or installment suppliers. Like Google, Apple’s installment entryway is totally free for the two traders and clients.

8- Due

Due carved a niche for itself through its imaginative time-tracking and invoicing apparatuses, which are particularly valuable for consultants and small entrepreneurs. All the more as of late, Due has permitted clients to start accepting secure online installments for simply a 2.7 percent exchange rate. Due additionally acknowledges worldwide installments, which normally happen inside two work days, just as a computerized wallet to send or get cash to anybody on the planet in a flash with practically zero expense. It even has an e-bank where you can store your money on the web.

9- Visa Checkout
Visa Checkout

Like the payment gateway from American Express, Visa Checkout makes it extra easy for all Visa cardholders to check out on your website without having to fill in all their payment information. There are over 2 million people registered in Visa Checkout, so the checkout process is easier for a significant portion of the audience.
That convenience clearly makes a difference, since Visa’s data shows that offering Visa Checkout can increase conversions by 42%. The payment option includes advanced security features and easy setup options.

10- American Express
American Express

American Express has one of the greatest fulfillment rates in the business and will tend to target a higher-pay shopper than other credit card organizations. With a guarantee of fraud protection, 24X7 customer care, and adaptability to work with various installment processors and think about various extra highlights, American Express can acknowledge more than 120 monetary forms. They give customized rewards and advantages with the goal that each installment gets the best advantages.


While Square is generally connected with face to face retail location (POS) installment preparation, the organization likewise offers eCommerce choices. The product is incredibly adaptable as it transforms your client gadgets into retail location terminals. It gives vendors an approach to gather installments from clients by perusing Mastercards utilizing a shrewd gadget or by physically entering credit card data (face to face or via telephone). They have an online installment API that acknowledges a large number of the installment techniques we’ve included here (Google Pay, Apple Pay, Masterclass), just as charge card installments. Notwithstanding installment handling, they offer a simple checkout arrangement that permits clients to set up profiles while they give their installment data.

12- 2checkout

2chekcout is a global payment processing solution that accepts payments from across the world in a number of different currencies. They provide tailored solutions for checkout processes that one can design & add to the website along with 2checkout’s exclusive fraud protection feature. The implementation of the 2checkout is very simple, with its payment API libraries readily available in PYTHON, JAVA, RUBY, .NET, PHP, and cURL. The mobile optimized checkout process is provided to the customers. They offer an API that makes adding the processing solution to your website fairly simple, while also providing the flexibility to customize it as needed.

13- GoCardless

GoCardless is a cost-effective payment solution that’s always improving because people are on a constant mission to make all kinds of payment technology simpler, faster and more cost-effective. With the payment getaway directly connected to the software one uses everyday, one will discover a wide range of advantages and benefits in how you manage your finances. 78% of UK small businesses are using GoCardless for their online payments. It also has integrations with a wide range of accounting software providers like Xero, Sage, Zoho, KashFlow, QuickBooks and many more.

14- MasterPass

Mastercard’s MasterPass payment option is similar to those offered by American Express and Visa. The advanced security in the payment processes is almost like a credit card company—from user verification, tokenization, issuer authentication to fraud monitoring, MasterPass has it all. It doesn’t charge any fees to either you or the customer. Because Masterpass stores all of your card and shipping information in one place, you don’t need to carry all of your cards wherever you go. The main benefit of Masterpass is that the shopper doesn’t have to manually re-enter any billing, shipping or payment details every time they want to make a purchase.


It is a payment management service that processes online payments, clarifies payment security, and manages fraud management. CyberSource is utilized as a payment solution by more than 400,000 businesses around the world. Key features include cross-channel payments, payment cards, global tax calculation, and fraud alert. It is a top payment solution because of its risk management. It has 300+ fraud detectors to ensure your customers and your online stores are safe. CyberSource serves 190 countries and is used by 450,000 businesses across the globe.

Final Thoughts

The aforementioned 15 online payment methods are the best of the best today. But, how do you choose the one that will fit your business? The answer is to dig deep into exactly what you need for your company right now and what your business stands for. For instance, if you’ve just ventured out and want to test the waters, PayPal is a great option for you. If you’re a larger company and need a customized platform, you’ll love Stripe’s unique features.

Just as your brand is special, you can find the right one of the online payment methods that fits you perfectly. For setting up an e-commerce platform, you can hire a Software Development Company.