What Is The Best App For Delivery Drivers?

The rivalry between DoorDash, Uber Eats, and Postmates spoons a discussion out of nowhere, spanning various issues at this current situation of 2020 & the future.

If gross figures hold the truth – DoorDash is an indisputable leader in the competition, especially with 7.5mn+ downloads with 4.8/5 ratings on Apple Store. Counting the Android users will also generate a distant lead from others like Uber Eats and Postmates.

The technology company, DoorDash, became an instant favorite among delivery drivers. Dashers, as everyone calls them, earn at least $1 for each accepted delivery. The customer’s tip turns a bonanza for drivers. Here, a delivery driver can deliver meals/food via bike, motorcycle, car, or foot. Dashers receive weekly payments for the food they deliver.

Delivery drivers enjoy setting their working schedule! Indeed, this app allows drivers to earn a minimum of $10/hour. Also, they can deliver for Walmart grocery delivery gigs using the app, benefiting with some extra cash. Also, Dashers enjoy an impeccable exposure to well-liked restaurants and places.

The Global Pandemic & Onwards

Unfortunately, as it turned for the globe right now, intense lockdowns were implemented in various countries while sparing essential services. DoorDash & its competitors made rapid improvements in their delivery apps for ensuring hygienic, contact-less deliveries at the doorstep.

DoorDash offers no-contact delivery, by default, at a safe place and alerts customers for pickup. A consumer has to select ‘hand it to me’ for the quoted preference. Online payments via Apple Pay or Credit Cards make it smooth for both delivery drivers and consumers. You can check a dedicated DoorDash Reddit page to know more!

This American on-demand delivery service has added delivery services for different products like grocery, wellness & beauty products, and more. Given the scary picture of this global pandemic, staying at home seems normal for everyone – just order right within the comfort of home.