Don’t let your brand be QUARANTINED

Importance of Digital Marketing Amidst the Pandemic

Almost one-third of the world’s population are staying home as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. The implication of this for many brands especially is that they are on the verge of collapse. With a rise in the number of infections, there is no date for possible relief and return to full-fledged normal life.

Economists are predicting trillions of dollars will be lost in one of the world’s worst recessions. These are very disturbing times to be trying to market your brand, but there is hope for brands that have embraced digital marketing. With about 3 billion people at home all over the globe, the online world is certainly not under lockdown and this is something to celebrate.

Persistent efforts, consistent communication, and frequent reminders – are some rules of the game we all have to stick to just be eligible for the play.

Now let’s know ‘what’ to communicate or post during the lockdown period and how to push out so much content.

Inspired by our very own Modi Ji and his CO.RO.NA. abbreviation (which in our case, can very well translate to COntent ROko NA) if you remember in one of his recent public addresses, what we’ve created is called the

‘COVID-19’ Strategy.

Here’s how it goes:

C – Converse

The first step is to listen to and initiate conversations with your target audience. That’s the best form of content anyone can create. Talk to your audience if they are reaching out to you or even if they are not. Conversational content works the best on Social Media. Always, remember that conversation is a two-way thing. 

O – Organize

This can be one of the favorite hacks to content creation, as well as a massive recall-booster. With everyone having some spare time at hand at home, it is a good idea to organize online events like a LIVE or a Webinar where you can exchange informative or entertaining content with your online viewers. This is THE easiest and the best way to generate content that would engage your audience.

V – Vocalize

Considering the current scenario of the pandemic, a lot is happening in the world. Brand or you as a personal brand, MUST voice out your opinion and stand for something you truly believe in. Be it #VocalForLocal or about the #FrontlineWarriors, views will help you in one, creating content of course, but also in pulling people together who believe in what you believe.

I – Innovate

With so much happening around, being in the moment and also innovative at the same time is the need of the hour. Don’t fear experimenting with new things while creating a topical piece of content and it shall pass with flying colors! Don’t just do it because everyone is doing it, do it with new ideas so that people won’t get bored with it. Be innovative in every step. 

D – Document

Documenting is a great way to substitute the efforts in creating fresh pieces of content from scratch. You can document the activities that the brand is doing to support the government in fighting the pandemic, or behind the scenes of operational hassles and how the brand or you are creatively tackling everyday stuff in a fun way. 

19 – 19 pieces of content, every day!

This is the most important piece of the puzzle. Now we don’t mean that you need to make 19 pieces of content, that is just a number. But produce as much as you can. From 5 to 50 posts a day as well if you can, which we are sure you very easily can if the above steps are followed. People should see you very often to know that you offer value as well as great services. The content can be in the form of image-based creatives, stories, videos, platform-specific adapts, articles, funny boomerangs, moment marketing, and so on. There is no limit here.

It is not only recommended to create content (a lot of it), but it is a MUST DO in all possible ways. If you’re not doing that, you’ll be out of the game pretty soon because what is happening right now is a massive change of audience behavior that is here to stay. The preference shift will take place and you should make your move very strong. 

The only way to ‘slay’, is to amp up your creative ‘play’.

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