A Dynamic Go-to-Market Strategy for Your Ordering & Delivery Startup Business

Marketing is simple – creativity is hard. Brands approach their customers in numerous ways that may or may not prove effective, but it has to be tested out. A new business has to have a go-to-market strategy for achieving sales & revenues right from the start.

In ordering and delivery startup businesses, you can’t easily pull out unless trying isn’t a favorite activity for you. We know sometimes it’s frustrating when they don’t even hit a small percentage, let alone the targets.

Let’s discuss some effective go-to-market strategies that you can try to win over the audience. A bit of knowledge helps you to proceed and reach the pinnacle of success.

Introductory offers
Customers are shopping actively these days. By ‘actively’ we mean an active participation in minimal research on goods & services before they make a purchase. It’s kind of must-have go-to-market strategy, You must be offering top-notch quality of services, but the customer doesn’t know. Here, you seek their attention by raising introductory offers first. Let them know you have a lucrative offer to fulfill their needs or wants.

  • Discounts – A delivery startup business, even prominent names in the market began their journey by offering discounts on products & services. Be it a “FIRST50” for 50% off on first order or similar offers on first online purchases.

  • Free Gifts – Buyers have a reason to come back when they get free gifts on purchases. Various brands have grabbed favorable responses by offering discount vouchers based on amount-based purchases. It’s a great tactic for short-term repeat sales instead of long-term.

  • Referral program – How to encourage new buyers by the help of your existing customers? Reward both of them by introducing referral program benefits. As people spread referral messages, it has a potential to make your business renowned within a small span of time.

  • Additional rewards – Loyal customers can be rewarded with expedited deliveries or out-of-hours services or additional discounts for preferential services.
One-time introductory discounts has appealing value to new customers.

    Offline traditional display advertisements
    Visible outreach has a magnanimous impact. With the inception of digital marketing, businesses might worry about putting out traditional ads, given some doubts on costs, impact and ROI. However, that’s a bit far from the truth.Investing in banners, leaflets, flyers, radio & TV, etc. has a phenomenal impact. Of course, you need a budget plan for that, but that shouldn’t stop you from discovering the ‘effective’ channel meant for your business. Keeping a budget aside for some form of traditional marketing, especially on visuals will help.

    • Flex & banners – In India, we have intelligent graphic designers to create highly inspiring, unique, and, even sometimes, quirky designs that appeal to general consumers.

    • Leaflets/flyers & brochures – Pamphlets, leaflets and flyers distribution through newspapers is a fantastic way to get people’s attention. Those who love to browse daily news can get a peek of your business & its offerings.

    • Billboards – Get people talking with billboards! Seriously, passersby have a knack of observing the vista and it’s worth all the investment to make a splashing entry into the mainstream marketplace!

    • Radio & TV – When was the last time you got radioed an ad? Masses enjoy entertainment radio channels FMs for music; this could be a preferable channel to disseminate your brand’s name. Similarly, TV ads garner immense attention from the public.
    Traditional marketing has definite means of attracting consumers directly.

    Go-to-Market Strategy for Your Ordering & Delivery Startup Business

    In-app offers & promotions
    Utilizing delivery apps for promotions is an effective idea for some solid reasons. First, it pushes the engagement rates to a new high, as some visits might be for browsing & discovering in nature and may turn into sales of goods or services.Second, promotional content leads to curiosity in buyers, which further triggers sales to an optimum level. You can think and discuss a few ideas in the following.

    • Push Notifications or Alerts – Popular brands have sustained customer loyalty by announcing daily offers & updates via push alerts or notifications. Remarkably, a small attention-seeker as an alert drives incredible sales.
    • In-app promotions – Quite strikingly, in-app promotions have come off as less intrusive yet carefully placed information to drive sales, retain customers and upsell products. With crisp CTAs, it works like magic.

    Social Media Marketing
    The fun, engaging and revolutionary side of the digital world came into existence with social networking sites. From hilarious memes to viral videos to noteworthy posts, worldwide contributions into social media channels led to immense recognition from millions. People could visualize & listen to quirky business ideas.

    • Ad promotion – Select social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. offer dedicated features for promotional purposes. Not that difficult to use, these platforms bring substantial revenue to a business. A bit of online guides about creatives & instructions can help draft a promotional strategy.

    • Brand promotion – Not a long lecture on 4Ps or 7Ps, but can’t do away with brand placement. Your brand’s recognition in the public increases with accurate placement of the ad on popular social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc.
    Online promotions & social media penetration can truly work wonders for a new brand.

    Content Marketing
    If you are not creating content, then you should start. Be it in the format of blogs, graphics, videos, podcasts, live streaming, or any medium of letting people know about your services and offerings. Begin a plan to execute this go-to-market strategy at full throttle.

    Search Engine Optimization
    SEO is dead or alive? Marketers give noughts about this discussion and prolong with Search Engine Optimization (Or Optimization for Search Engine) to rank their better quality content at the top. One of the most important strategies to leave a deep impact on the targeted audience.

    Influencer Marketing
    The growing popularity of social media celebrities has changed how brands are perceived in the audience. Approaching a bunch of local social media influencers can help your brand reach a specific audience. Not only an interesting go-to-market strategy, but an effective one for more than one reason.

    Email Marketing
    Never abandon email marketing. This tiny bit of advice has worked for companies in the long run. Email marketing is one of the most effective and inexpensive modes of marketing that generates good response. It never hurts to drop a carefully designed email to a list of contacts.

    SMS Marketing
    What makes some businesses amazing at sales? They keep open outreach and let their customers know about day-to-day offers. SMS marketing helps you send out those customized messages to mobile phones. For e.g., Jio Supermart doesn’t forget to send SMSes about discount offers on specific category products. Another crucial go-to-market strategy for propelling shopper’s spree.

    Buzz Marketing
    Viraling your brand or product or service in the market using a mix of online and offline and influencer marketing can increase your chances of existing in people’s minds. As it generates excitement fever among the public, your brand is likely to attract new customers immediately.

      Bright marketing ideas could be self-exploratory at times. A proper mix of traditional marketing & modern ways of reaching consumers give a fair amount of recognition to the brand, boosting

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