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Salon App Development: How to Create An App for a Salon or Spa Appointment Booking

Home-based services offer a tremendous value of comfort & convenience altogether. Even if we keep convenience aside for a moment, you can wonder how it saves time for customers. If your entrepreneurial mind says to build a business out of this, you might want to consider salon app development to bolster your chances of success.

Why & How to Create an App for Salon?

Before getting started on the hows, let’s understand the whys. 

Digital supremacy is rampant. We don’t mean it in a negative way, but that’s the truth. Only the recent pandemic underlined the idea, or maybe emboldened the thought. 

Since customers have gotten in the habit of ordering it at home, whether food or grocery or medicine or anything else online, home-based services aren’t lacking at any point of time. Besides, we see a huge untapped market for this segment. 

People are likely to choose these services because:

  • No waiting period
  • Zero confusion
  • Easy pre-payment methods
  • Comfort factor
  • Value added services

Moving on to the next point – how to create an app for a salon or spa. Since the market is resplendent with choices. Taking genuine points of consideration, it could take more than one person to design a salon app and develop into a promising product if time boundaries are set.

Search for services availability

Customers would want to explore availability of beauticians or hair experts on their preferred timings. A search feature enables a customer to find available dates & times for conveniently booking a slot. As it eliminates the need for calling a salon, one can also pay upfront charges for confirmed appointments in the hair salon app. 

Multiple booking management

One of the best features of salon appointment booking is that of multiple appointments scheduling, where customers can schedule, reschedule and cancel services. It’s a hallmark of a feature. 

Contactless payments

Covid-19 raised the awareness of safety and hygiene by ensuring no physical contact. On-demand delivery apps enable online payments for easy and smooth transactions. Most payment gateways offer integration features to provide services for customers of all kinds. Whether Debit/Credit Card, E-wallet or UPI payments, money transfer happens real quick.

Beauty products for E-commerce

What a fantastic way to increase the popularity of this app! A feature to sell beauty & wellness products aside door-to-door delivery services for benefiting customers. Your consumers are likely to enjoy the convenience of shopping through the app.

Custom push notifications

Letting customers know about an offer or deal through pop-up notifications is the most cost-effective way of marketing. Next time, you have special offers or new items or any kind of new updates – prepare a custom push notification for app users.

Salon & spa profiles

Beauticians, parlors or salons design their profiles by putting out reliable information for customer viewing. Moreover, customers shall be able to mark their favorite salons using a simple button. 

Google maps integration 

In India, most on-demand services utilize Google map integration to the benefit of consumers. API integration helps service providers reach to customer’s addresses in real time.

Appointment reminders

A dependable app designed to help both customers and service providers have intuitive functionalities. Setting reminders or calling the salon for timings isn’t ideal anymore. The app shall serve reminders before the appointment timings.

What Is The Salon App Development Cost?

Basically, frameworks, specifications, functionalities, and complexities of the development determine the salon app development cost. Typically, advanced apps with real-time chatting, multiple integrations and additional features could range between $15000 and $20000. Simple and reasonable salon app development may cost between $5000 and $10000. Advanced mobile suites could go upwards from $25000. 

Additional costs pertain to the following factors:

  • UI/UX design
  • Complex features
  • Quality Assurance
  • Minimum Viable Product (MVP) evaluation
  • Backend features

Wrapping up

If you’re interested in developing a hair salon and spa app to disrupt the on-demand industry, you don’t need a fortune to invest. Simple and affordable custom branded salon apps come easy on pocket and are quick to develop. 

Remember, an effective marketing strategy and promotions after thorough research can help you make your application a guaranteed success. 

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