How To Start An Online Store (Especially During Covid-19)

Want to take on the competitors, but not able to find any solution in this lockdown? Desperately worried about revenues, upcoming future, and current costs for any other arrangement? You should definitely read this piece to solve all of the above problems in an easy, inexpensive, and reliable manner. Start an online store to manage your business.

Coronavirus has struck all lives, directly or indirectly. Meanwhile, governments across the globe are trying their best to contain the spread by imposing lockdowns and other measures.

During these hard times, businesses of all kinds have taken a hit. Be it tourism & hospitality, or roadside vendors, none are close to getting any respite.

Similarly, this has directly increased joblessness in almost every country.

The Power Of Connectivity – Internet

Running a business at this time and exposing oneself outside there is extremely risky. However, there’s a silver lining on every cloud.

The world may not be connected through roads or waters or skies, but one thing connects everyone – the Internet. Both the sender & receiver can be found in this streamlined platform.

You can take your business online and start an online store over the Internet.

Note: By ‘store’ we mean every business that sells goods, such as food items, grocery items, stationery items, flowers, gifts, and so on.

Being competitive in the arena does require you certain tools and an on-demand delivery app is just one of them. By participating in this app, you can directly reach your audience and fulfill their demands.

Join Existing Apps Or Build A New One? – Unfolding The Confusion

Do you have any business in your area that sells its product(s) via an app? Do they have an app of their own or are they registered with an aggregator?

Why are we asking these questions?

Well, if you do not know what your rivals are up to, you may never have a solid solution for delivering exactly what your customers want.

We recommend building a new on-demand E-commerce delivery app for connecting the audience with a long-term vision. Not only you will develop a large base of consumers to cater to, but also understand their expectations with time.

What Are Believable Advantages Of Having An App?

Businesses won’t want to speculate and wait for results. They want to run immediately. It is why you must start an online store using an on demand delivery app. The on-demand delivery app just helps you do that. Some benefits include, but not limited to:

·         Direct orders from consumers via the dedicated mobile app

·         Easy, accurate, and timely management of orders

·         Quick and reliable payments via cards, UPIs, e-wallets, etc.

·         Contactless delivery to customers

·         Tracking & monitoring expenses & sales

·         Valuable insights into customer buying behavior  

·         Introductions to excellent marketing programs

How To Take The Store Online?

Although websites were a favorite for e-commerce businesses, the public has dramatically shifted towards handheld devices like Smartphones that easily fit into one’s pocket.

People prefer opening an app to buy a product/service rather than switching on a laptop/PC. On the other hand, you can trust private-labeled or white-labeled on-demand delivery apps for starting selling your goods online.

Private-labeled On-demand Delivery Apps

The whole point of developing a private-labeled app comes from heavy capital investment.

The cost of building a whole new app may fall anywhere between $10,000 and $40,000. On average, Indian developers-led companies could incur costs at $23,000.

However, this is purely subjective and depending on the costs of development over the period and different parameters. For example, some of the particulars include the number of hours worked, maintenance, features, technologies, and so on.

You don’t need technical expertise & skills for developing an app since you can contact an on-demand delivery app making company for the same. After discussing thoroughly with an app development company, you can reach the conclusion.

White-labeled On-demand Delivery Apps

The white-labeled mobile apps or readymade apps mark the onset of the business.

Want to hit the ground running? The white-labeled on-demand delivery apps offer the best alternative out there to immediately brand, fast-to-market and customize.

Whether you offer food items using this food delivery startup guide or sell healthcare products, you can utilize this ‘turnkey’ solution for starting your business online right away.

Some of the benefits of white-labeled delivery apps:

·         Integrated and readymade for startup

·         A swift way to add branding & identity

·         Prepackaged solution for prompt needs

·         Saves valuable time and money

·         Efficient utilization of resources

·         Improves focus on core competencies

In short, a white-labeled app lets you sell your products directly without indulging in the long-form processes of app development from scratch. You can simply utilize your logo and identity for branding and connect with the audience for sales.

What Are The Key Features Of White-labeled Apps?

The buzz around the latest apps revolves around new features and additions. However, some key features form the basic part of these white-labeled apps. Check the highlights below:

User-friendly Interfaces & Easy Navigation

From check-in to check-out, easy-to-use interfaces and seamless navigation allow app users to have an enjoyable session of shopping. Features like quick search, filter options, and sort products create a superb experience.

Smart Dashboards

Dashboards with single-click operations for managing listings and orders, order & delivery fulfillment, and in-time actions help you have a hassle-free interaction. Smart and intelligent features make them more captivating.

GPS Tracking Features

Automated assignment of orders to the nearest delivery agents, Reduced estimated time of arrivals (ETAs) through route optimization and real-time GPS tracking helps both the consumers and businesses.

Payment Gateways

You must have heard about various popular payment gateways like RazorPay, PayPal, WorldPay, Stripe, and so on. With easy payment integrations, you can directly earn revenues for your business in a secure and safe manner. Also, these gateways generate sales & accounting reports.

Push Notifications

Want to attract your consumer into visiting your app again and again? Roll out new offers, discounts, inspiring messages, and creative elements for them through push notifications. This feature also guides you to run an app download and customer acquisition campaign.

Behavior Analytics

Don’t you want to know what’s selling hot for consumers? Keep track of customer behavior, buying patterns, shopping journey, and bestselling goods. Utilizing this information, you have the power to run retargeted ads and campaigns.

Reviews & Ratings

Social listening counts more than anything else these days. These apps feature ratings and reviews section for enabling customers to share their experiences in an easy, fast, and non-intrusive way. They can create a buzz about your brand with good word-of-mouth on social media.

Where To Start When I Don’t Know Anything?

The Internet can desert a person without information or confuse a person with its abundance. At Cruzotec, we simply want your business to take off from the word ‘Go.’ Fill this contact form to connect with us and help you understand how you can start an online store at a low cost.