Importance of Digital Marketing Amidst the Pandemic

Is your brand staying active on social media? Social media is a great place to share updates and information with your community and keep them updated. You can also keep up with other platforms and stay in touch with your followers. It’s important to have a social media strategy in place, especially during tiring times like these. You should stay at the forefront of your customers’, and potential customer’s, minds.  

Multiple brands across the globe are slowly coming to terms with the eruptive business environment we have found ourselves in with the effects of the pandemic. Whether your company has temporarily shut operations or has decided to implement an innovation-driven remote working system, how you approach your digital marketing strategy should be a major focus in these worrying times ahead – if it is not already. 

The unexpected disappearance of all channels concerning offline events, conferences, along with the increasing barriers to face-to-face business, poses a considerable challenge for marketers today. Soon, your prospective clients as well as customers are going to be hesitant in walking through a door and shaking your hand – and no-one has any idea how long this will last and how it will lead to longer-term change.

Do not exploit the scenario. 

The most unethical thing a brand can do is capitalize on fear just for the sake of doing it. Businesses do not do that. Investing your time and resources in a long-term benefit would be the appropriate measure here.

Strongly evaluate the power of eCommerce and online marketing

Big brands like Nike, Apple, and McDonald’s are having problems selling products or offering their services offline – so like you. E-commerce has taken a slight hit amidst all the chaos, but in the new normal eCommerce is seeing a quicker game when compared to offline selling. The COVID-19 pandemic may just position e-commerce as a norm for every and any business soon because of contactless payment, social distancing, etc. So this time make sure you can invest in content warehousing, building communities, and strong SEO for your eCommerce domains. 

Explore the abundant technological & innovation-driven solutions.

More and more businesses are exploring platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram live more to build connections with their target audience. Similar engagement platforms such as Zoom and Google meet have picked up in popularity for both internal and external strategic business discussions as well as webinars. You can easily collaborate with content creators and key opinion leaders of your domain to use the above tools for awareness programs and fun chats with your specific audience.

Reaching out to your worried audience via digital platforms is the masterstroke

Inform your audience clearly and systematically of how the pandemic will impact the way they buy/avail your products/services. Educate them about the new services you are launching in the pandemic, be open to questions, and help your customers to seek information in the best possible way. Offering a sense of precision to them before they approach you in a state of panic will go a long way in retaining them even after the pandemic.

Usage of digital platforms by brands to spread awareness

Simply being available on social media platforms for users cannot go a long way. You should also strive to clear confusion caused by inaccurate rumors which are flying across the internet – one of the major causes of chaos in the modern world today. Keep it real with personalization – in testing periods like these, personalized support and attention is a great way to leave a lasting impression on your users. Lastly, you could lighten the mood by offering value by emphasizing on how your products & services could help in the pandemic by ensuring safety measures. 

Any digital platform is an ideal way to spread any CSR/charity activities your business may be indulging in.

Many brands have launched activities or campaigns to help the needy, stray animals, aging people, and many more. Giving back to society is a step in the right direction in these rough times. With the help of websites, social media platforms, your charitable efforts can benefit with more reach and visibility.

It’s obvious that the coming weeks, or months – or however long we are stuck in this situation – will be a challenging time for any company or brand. But the right digital marketing strategy can offer so much more than just a social media post, it could also carry on offering long-term benefits when the world eventually gets back to the new normal. If you have abstained from entering the digital world for whatever reasons – you don’t have a choice now. Always remember a crisis helps you fetch innovative ideas. Get out of your comfort zone and explore what you’re missing out.