best 10 mobile app development myths

It’s Time to Bust the Top 10 Mobile App Development Myths

Best 10 Mobile App Development Myths
A lot of conversations are going on off late in the mobile app development industry about the same. Every business comes with some pre-help notions and perceptions with the mobile app development myths spread around. The ideal way is to break the myths with facts. Let’s break common mobile app development myths and juxtapose the same with the facts.
Myth #1 – A Great Idea is Everything

Having a unique idea is not everything. One must access their idea on various dimensions i.e. practicality, user-centric, reliable, and feasible. If the idea is very exclusive, there is a chance that users won’t appreciate it. So, accessing on different scales is very important. It’s one of the notable mobile app development myths that should tank immediately.

Remember Google Wave? With hardly any introduction of Wave concepts to the general public, next to no marketing, and no specific scaling and targeting, this product was a complete thud.

Myth #2 – App Development is just about Coding

This is the most prevailing myth in a lot of people. Even before you type one word of the code you need to have expertise about the initial idea, functionalities, graphics & user experience with utmost quality. Once coding is done you need to market your app with a strategy in a processed manner. It requires a high level of collaboration to bring project managers, developers, in-house IT representatives, and others on the same page.

Myth #3 – More the Features, Better is the App

This one is a very popular yet dangerous misconception. Developing an app with innumerable features makes it over complicated to use. Never invest in those features that probably nobody wants. This simply means that you are misinterpreting a feature for a benefit. A feature is just the attractive part of an app, whereas a benefit relates to the reliability and accessibility of an app. Numerous features don’t make an app great but benefits do.

Myth #4 -After the Launch, the work is done!

Wrong! As we live in an unmasked and advertised society, no matter how brilliant the app idea is it needs proper marketing. Thus, making the app live is not the end but the beginning. One needs to publicize the app to keep it relevant in the market. According to data from Localytics nearly 25% of people give up using the app after one use. So it’s high time you should keep your users engaged by gathering their feedback as usage statistics.

Myth #5 – Analytic data shows the app performance

Analytics won’t help you to gauge the overall performance of the app. In fact, you should be looking for screens with minimum engagement, discovering complex engagements, measuring & comparing the performance on different screens, and also identifying those screens at which the users leave the app.

Myth #6- Native App Development is a Priority

A native mobile application surely provides the best mobile experience. However, on some occasions, the native funda might prove to be a bad choice. Thus, take into account your type of target audience, when & why they utilize your application. Sometimes, the demand won’t call for a native app. A hybrid or a web app will work wonders.

Myth #7 – App Marketing is a Costly Affair

This one is a common mobile app development myths circling around. Well, paying a hefty amount of money is always an easy route to take as it will increase the downloads instantly but not the kind of users you want, ensuring no user retention. But with the right amount of money and resources, you can market your app to the desired customers with positive results. From email marketing to Facebook marketing, you can relish your set of successful customers.

Myth #8 – More Hands = Faster Results

App development doesn’t work faster with more members in a team. The process is a complex endeavor. Adding new members to the team means you have to familiarize them with the whole concept which keeps on taking time. Your key developers and the entire team will take time to adjust and the release date might have to be pushed back even further.

Myth #9 – iOS Must Come First

While it makes sense to prioritize iOS for some apps like photo editing apps since iPhones cameras are a huge selling point but it’s not a universal truth anymore. Start digging into your product’s target market and who is going to use it? What pain points do you want to minimize? Making iOS a priority will only take budget and time away from the actual customers who prefer Android over iOS.

Myth #10 – Bug-free Software is Possible

Everyone speaks in muted voices about that perfect code they created around bonfires on chilly nights with a group of friends. Nobody has ever written a program that’s error-free. Users will complain about bugs and that shouldn’t take you back. Each software is ever-changing and dynamic which will cause some or the other bugs.

Summing It Up!

App development is not all doom and gloom. With realistic expectations, when done right, an app will prove to be a powerful tool to any business’s technical ecosystem. Do you need about Mobile App Development Services? Contact us today!