10 Best Reasons To Have QR Code Restaurant Ordering System

QR Code Restaurant Ordering System
As the world prepares for a post-pandemic future, the hospitality industry is opting for contactless ordering. Restaurants are offering a QR code restaurant ordering system to sit-in customers for table ordering. Let’s dig out on the advantages of a QR code restaurant ordering system, apart from the obvious social distancing and hygiene.
1- Eliminate Manual Menu Sharing among customers

Right now the most important advantage of a QR code restaurant ordering system is to eliminate the contact between the menu and the customers while dine-in. Very often a menu is passed from table to table and person to person as they decide what to order. To minimise the contact, a QR code restaurant ordering system should be enabled at all the restaurants. Display your QR codes at easy spots around the restaurant making it as easy as possible for diners to find and scan them.

2- Cost-effective

A digital menu with QR code is cost-effective. As the menu changes regularly, updating a print version of a menu to add a new item costs money each time. Instead, with a QR code menu the numerable changes can be made digitally as and when needed, without any additional expenses. 

3- Minimise staff contact with customers

Restaurants have learned the art of reducing human contact due to the pandemic. As a restaurant operator, you can smoothen the reduction in contact between your staff and customers with a QR code menu. The staff will still need to deliver the food to the tables. Thus, you can have a collection point system in the restaurant to further decrease human contact. 

4- Increase order values

Consumers spend more time as well as more money while ordering digitally through a digital menu. One can increase the average order value by as much as they want with online ordering enclosed in the daily operations. It’s a very awkward experience for both staff and customers when an upsell is made face-to-face. But, ordering from a QR ordering system customers have enough time to decide and are more at peace while making changes to the order. Not feeling ashamed of adding a second dip of mayonnaise or onion rings. 

5- Easily update menus

An easily updatable menu always does the magic. As mentioned above regarding cost saving on printing, the option to update the menu instantly streamlines the communication between customer and staff. On a certain night when you run out of something in the kitchen, it’s difficult to let your favourite customers know that an item is no longer available. A digital menu will help you to update your customers to know that some items are out of stock. Everything without a fuss!

6- Better digital menu

With a strong user-centric base at the forefront, you can make the most popular items stand out in your menu. This will increase your order value and optimise conversion rates. As it’s made with customers in mind, it’s easy to increase the order value. 

7- Better customer experience

Your customers will undoubtedly have a better experience with everything being digital. A QR system allows them to order seamlessly. They can visit your app and check the menu without the hassle of searching it manually. Reduction of errors in orders is one of the most important advantages of the QR ordering system. Selection of items according to the customer’s choices gives no  miscommunication between the waiter and the diner. This is widely helpful in tourist areas where language can sometimes be a barrier.

8- Speed up table turnover

One of the biggest challenges for a restaurant is serving all the customers coming in without anyone feeling like they are being left out. So, instead of letting your customers wait for hours to catch the attention of a waiter, they can easily scan the QR code to place the order. This speeds up the process from ordering to delivering the items. Customers can add additional items during the meal. 

9- Collect Customer Data

Customers provide their details including name, email address or number as part of their order. This can be captured in the restaurant’s system to market them in future, driving loyalty and customer retention. Data is now the lifeblood of any successful business to thrive. Collecting customer’s data , one learns about them over time. What they eat, when they eat, which items keep them coming back – helping you grow your business. 

10- Higher Scope of Promotion

Putting a QR code on a restaurant table will allow you to prompt the customers to download the app as well. Given that a customer will already have his or her phone, downloading the app is much more likely. You can also include links to your social media profiles or images of the Instagram grid. This makes it easy to promote your business on different platforms. 

There’s no better time than now to make use of QR menus that simplify the process for everyone and save your restaurant money in the process. What are you waiting for? 

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