Why It Is The Right Time To Invest In Readymade Online Grocery App

The right time to invest in readymade online grocery app is NOW. An Online Grocery application is the necessity of today’s business world. With millions of people around the world using different kinds of smartphone applications to access the internet or performing simple and complex business tasks, you might be missing out on a lot of things if you don’t have an application of your brand or business. A mobile app is of utmost importance if you wish to break all the geographic barriers and serve your customers in any part of the world or just begin in the hyperlocal area.

Best Time To invest in a readymade Online grocery app

Mobile for everything & everywhere

Gone are the days when mobile phones were used to make calls only. Nowadays even the smallest to the most complex tasks can be done on a mobile phone. These phones have increased our capability to do things that were once impossible.

All your potential users are now online and you should be online too. At this crucial time, you can’t miss out on being online. Tech companies are working hard to deliver the best solutions.

Decline of the Offline Channels and services at the time of the pandemic

The majority of the businesses that were serving offline were on a full stop during the pandemic. Businesses did not want to face the wrath of not serving their customers. That’s why everyone took to online marketing and the rest is history as they say. With many people beginning to work from home and staying at home on nights & weekends, everything online is the only escape. Especially vegetables and groceries have enhanced their growth & sales on all platforms ranging from app to WhatsApp business. Shoppers have got more users and the online grocery system has reached the skies. 

This is the best time to showcase your business online where all your potential customers are hanging out online. 

Brand reputation during COVID-19 times

How many times have you heard the word “unprecedented” concerning the coronavirus pandemic over the past few months? Companies are coming under increased pressure, whether it is for what they do or do not say. Brand reputation is hard to measure, but it becomes valuable during crises, especially COVID-19. 

Brands like Grofers, Big Basket, Reliance, Ubereats, Zomato, Swiggy amped up to show that they care with groceries and vegetables delivered at home, sanitized and fresh. They took the center stage and we all have seen the kind of skyrocketing sales and app downloads these businesses had.

A large percentage of consumers now find online grocery apps easier, more convenient, and more than that, safest, are most likely to keep on continuing shopping veggies online via apps post the pandemic. This particular consumer behavior would lead to more businesses to digitize their operations and service, especially in the food industry. 

Brands proactively communicate with their customers online quickly. Big Basket and Zomato went beyond their branding efforts to make sure every order is taken care of with utmost care and are being sanitized properly. 

If your brand still is lagging, then this is the right time to digitize it so that you don’t miss out on anything. 

Social Networking and SEO is now at a peak

With pockets tightening and users spending more time at home with smartphones in their hands, social media presented a massive opportunity for businesses of all types.

Grocery apps did not spend a fortune to reach everyone. They simply stayed on top of their social media handles, providing the followers with regular, relevant updates and interesting content to dive into during a pandemic. Online campaigns during the lockdown helped people to stay engaged in such tiring times on a more personal and meaningful level.

Considering the sensitive situation of the pandemic, an organic approach of these grocery brands added more value than ever. Users started connecting with them and the trust simultaneously grew for brands that took a thoughtful approach to the content the brands produced with ads across all channels.

Search Engine Optimization was a must-have for all the brands because search traffic was volatile at these times. 

Lack of jobs

Becoming unemployed during a worldwide pandemic adds distress upon distress and it is more important to protect mental health. COVID-19 has looted jobs from different sectors of work and this is the best time to offer jobs with your startup ideas to lakhs.

Readymade Online Grocery App for Easy Mobile Payments

Online payment applications have tied up with all the grocery and vegetable development apps to smoothen the payment procedures. Contactless payments are now trending everywhere. A minor betel shop has it as well. Cashless transactions solve half of the problems of the users as well as the service provider.

During this crisis, people are even afraid to go to banks and ATMs, there come online payments to rescue. Digital payments have seen an exponential spike in the last 8 months. People are requesting payments via digital mechanisms because this is contactless and reduces the risk of spreading the coronavirus.

The National Payments Corporation of India has also urged everyone to use digital payments so that people don’t step out even to go to the ATM which reduces social contact and curb the spread.

Readymade Grocery App Reach a wider audience

More people have turned to online content. A report by Facebook revealed that there’s been more than a 70% increase in the time spent online. Brands to stay relevant and authentic can’t miss indulging in online tasks. Pandemic or not, it is important that the brands can create a demand. Unlike traditional marketing, online marketing has the power to reach millions in a short period with a minimum amount.

The messages of the brands like Big Basket, Grofers, Amazon Pantry, Nature’s Basket, ZopNow, Ondoor, Bazaar Cart, Big Bazaar, Spencers, Reliance Fresh, and many more, were clear with a genuine desire to improve the customer’s life. 

Grofers asked customers to stay at home- Stay Home We will Deliver the campaign. Communicating via ad-campaigns that the brand cares about its customers will go above and beyond time as well as geographical barriers. Online businesses break barriers to reach their potential customers.

Increase in revenue and cost-effective

A grocery mobile development app cost is usually lower than the cost of building a separate entity. The profitability ratio will be relatively higher in such times of pandemic. A well-developed grocery app doesn’t require frequent changes or updates. A mobile grocery application is designed in such a way that users can easily find the things they are looking for without having to visit the store. People are avoiding going out because of the fear of contamination. An app increases the chances of increased revenue for the business.

Wrapping Up

Investing in the right readymade online grocery app doesn’t cost a fortune. You can kickstart your entrepreneurial journey with a single outlet or multiple grocery stores to sell staples, essentials, fruits & vegetables, and more.