Top 5 On-demand Medicine Delivery Applications In India

Technological innovation has changed every industry. The Uber business model has changed the on-demand industry and now they have tapped into the health industry.

Undoubtedly, the on-demand medicine delivery app development has made people’s life easier and more flexible. Now, people don’t waste time going to the pharmacy to buy medicine.

With just a few taps on their smartphone, people can easily order their required medicines and can get medicine at their doorstep without even going out. The payment gateways are also hassling free. 

Benefits of Medicine Ordering Apps

So, why should you look at developing your medicine ordering apps? Here is a look at the benefits for both customers and pharmacy businesses.

For Customers-

1- You can get your medicines while sitting on your couch watching TV

2- The apps offer great discounts and other incentives like free shipping

3- Get reminders about your medical needs at regular intervals so that you don’t miss out on them 

4- Access a vast range of information on prescription drugs and medicines

For Pharmacies-

1- A dedicated online presence that increases its customer base

2- They can attract new customers and reach new geographical locations via their app.

3- Search medicines and look for generic alternatives

4- Stores can manage their inventory digitally and get helpful reminders and notifications on expiry dates and upcoming medicine delivery schedules 

5- Offer different schemes and marketing campaigns to customers

6- Provide a superior level of customer service

7- Advantage of refilling orders from repeat customers

List of Top 5 Medicine Delivery Apps in India


PharmEasy is one of the high rated medicine delivery apps in India. With the help of PharmEasy app, people can purchase medicine online and a delivery person can deliver medicine at the customer door within 24–48 hours. The app also allows people to buy healthcare products, OTC products, and all kinds of medical equipment online. It also allows booking diagnostic tests, online blood testing, a full-body checkup at pocket-friendly costs. Along with every order people can save FlAT 20%, this app offers you a discount of up to 70% on health tests and packages with zero sample pickup charges.


Netmeds medicine ordering app is operated by Dadha Pharma, one of the oldest pharmacies in India, trusted for quality medicines since 1914.

Using the Netmeds app you can easily order your medicine by uploading your prescription and place your order in minutes using the app. The app offers a 15% discount on all types of medicine and the delivery is made within 2 to 3 days.


MedPlus is one of the leading and reputed pharmacy networks in India with more than 1500 stores in 7 states. It has offered genuine medicines, superior service, and great value for money to the people. Using the MedPlus app, you can buy not only medicines but also baby care, nutrition, healthcare, personal care, diabetes, and other products at the best prices.

Once you place the order within the app, you will get a notification when it is ready and you can pick it up from the nearest Medplus store. With the MedPlus rewards, you can get off up to 35% on medicine and with a genuine prescription, a straight 20% discount is given. 


Through BookMeds app, you can order medicine from anywhere and anytime just uploading the prescription given by the doctor. Using the app you can purchase diverse and different medicinal products such as surgical products, orthopedic care, mother and baby care, hospital equipment, medical gadgets, protein supplements, fitness products, etc.

The best feature of the app is you can set pill reminders. So, don’t forget to take your medicine on time. This feature is highly useful and recommended for senior citizens. You can avail of free cash on delivery and get your medicine order within 4-5 hours.


Practo medicine app is used mainly for doctor appointment booking, ordering medicines, scheduling diagnostic tests, or having an online consultation with your doctor at a convenient time. 

It also helps you to find online medicine services & solutions to enable you to take better care of yourself. Recently the company developed its online medicine app across 100 cities in India.

You can order over 40,000 listed medicines using the app. Practo has also tied up with local medicine stores and pharmacies during the pandemic which will help you to deliver your medicine at your door at the right time. This also helps the local stores to let their business survive in such hard times.