Time to be Atmanirbhar with an Online Kirana Store App

In India, customers don’t just go to retail stores, supermarkets, and shopping malls to buy daily essential groceries. The go-to option for hundreds of years has been their near and dear Kirana shops. These local stores at each gully of the locality have been simplifying customers’ daily, weekly, monthly shopping of groceries and other supplies.

Kirana stores are very popular among the local consumers and they still stay relevant despite the digital revolution of retail stores and the eCommerce wave.

Kirana shops are mostly family-owned stores in India and are an important part of the traditional food retail system. They operate in fixed locations and carry both basic food and non-food items.

Why Are Kirana Stores Profitable?

Kirana stores have always stood the test of time by being relevant and reachable from the overpowering eCommerce and supermarkets. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, these local stores have been crucial for consumers as supermarkets were shut down in the initial stage of the lockdown. Kirana stores are profitable because:

investments Small capital is required to start a small store.

operational cost Operational cost, maintenance cost, and rental cost are low because the stores are small in size & require less area.

customer preferences They have a better understanding of customer preferences and buying patterns because they interact with them daily which helps them to gauge the kind of favorites their customers have.

account keeping Account keeping and staff maintenance is not a complex task.

regulate They can regulate the merchandise as per the demands of the customers and season.

Providing White-Labelled Mobile Apps for Grocery Delivery Services

Undoubtedly, the grocery delivery apps have always attempted to eliminate the interspace between the service providers and the consumers. From a smartphone with the help of these mobile grocery delivery apps, store owners can easily exhibit their products to their clients with the help of a white-labeled app. 

Online consumers can check, select, add to cart, order, and get the products at their doorsteps. All can be done with the help of a smartphone in hand. To ease the whole grocery business working, the app experts have designed three individual app panels for online grocery delivery software like Admin Panel of Grocery Delivery App, Delivery Panel of Grocery Delivery App & Customer Panel of Grocery Delivery App.

Digitize your stores

The new ripple of the digital economy and the adoption of social distancing norms has sparked the need for digital payments. Many stores are now working remotely through online Kirana store apps, where they provide quick contactless home deliveries with contactless payments.

Whatsapp for business has been a potent tool used by many local Kirana stores to showcase catalogs of groceries and even take delivery orders.

The basic toolkit for an app to order groceries that the average user wish to see on your platform.

-In-app navigation

-Stress-Free Signing Up

-Exploring product aisle like a search bar, app suggestions, special categories, filters, voice search

-Ordering is a few clicks

-Easy checkout & GPS tracking

Why is the Online Kirana delivery app highly needed for fighting the COVID-19 crisis?

  • it prevents the intense transference of the virus by offering convenient and safe grocery shopping from home;
  • it deals with the panic buying done by people by ensuring them that there are enough vital products in stock 
  • it increases work productivity at home by enabling people to relax more and spend time on restoring life;
  • it contributes to global economic stability by providing job opportunities and generating profit in a time of the pandemic

Checklist For Choosing The Right App Development Company For Your Online Kirana Store App

Finding an efficient & effective software script that packs up all requirements of easy payments, seamless UI, and support can become a daunting task. A pre-built software can quickly give you a headstart to your local grocery business.

Here is a basic and small checklist of must-haves for choosing an online Kirana store app software from Cruzo – 

  • Our software application should be 100% customizable.
  • We assure PCI ( The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliance.
  • Our software is robust and scalable to thousands of users.
  • Also, extremely secure with SSL-powered APIs, Keychain, reverse proxy setup, etc.
  • Integrated with promo, referrals & marketing plan features.

What are you waiting for? Launch the next best hyperlocal online Kirana store app with Cruzo.