Top 10 Online food delivery apps in the world

online food delivery app

The on-demand market for online food delivery apps is growing at a rapid rate. In the USA, DoorDash is the best food delivery app and one of the largest by revenue, market cap, and recognition globally. It is followed by Grubhub and Uber Eats on the below-mentioned list of the top 10 food delivery apps in 2021.

1- GrubHub

Available both in iOS and Android, GrubHub shows all the restaurants in your area after you simply enter your location. Search by cuisine type or by a specific menu item, GrubHub makes it easy to find your kind of meal. Saving of delivery locations, such as work or home, to speed up the delivery process is also available. It is currently available in more than 3,200 US cities and London. This app is free to use but some of the restaurants listed have a minimum order amount and delivery fees. GrubHub+ is a service where the restaurants offer innumerable deliveries at a cost of $10 per month. Since the outbreak of coronavirus, it offers contactless and cashless deliveries to minimize human touch along with an order pickup facility where the customers can come and pick the order by themselves. Instructions to the delivery guy to leave the food near the gate or instructions to the restaurants to add less spice or extra cutlery can also be made on the app.

2- DoorDash

Almost similar to GrubHub, DoorDash lets you eat meals of your choice in just a few clicks from local restaurants. A great option and the app is very easy to use. Available in 800+ cities in the U.S. and Canada including Atlanta, Seattle, Boston, New York, Chicago, and many more. The payment structure varies from restaurant to restaurant. The fees include the cost of your meal, tax, delivery charges, and an optional delivery guy tip. Some of the restaurants charge additional services fees as well and Apple Pay is accepted. One can sign up for a monthly subscription for $12 known as DashPass. DashPass provides zero delivery fees and reduced service fees for subscribers (if ordering $12 or more, from any DashPass eligible restaurant).

3- Ubereats

When you can trust Uber to drive you safely around the city, you will love to trust them to deliver your favorite sandwiches at your doorsteps. UberEats, being a standalone food delivery app, is available in many cities. While UberEats and Uber are different apps still they share many same features such as estimated delivery time and cashless transactions. An excellent option for food delivery, UberEats is also available in smaller cities. UberEats gets high marks for being user-centric and browsing-friendly. Charges vary based on restaurant and location, UberEats have a base fee of 15% of an order’s subtotal. With Eats Pass subscription of $10 per month provides zero delivery charges and 5% off on orders above $15. One can avail of amazing gift cards as well. For contact-less deliveries, Uber Eats provides delivery personnel with more sanitization options as well as giving initiatives to provide assistance to help prevent the spread of the virus. 

4- Postmates

Postmates is different from other food delivery services. You just don’t get food, you get more than that. It is a delivery service that will also pick up just anything from anywhere and deliver at the desired place, even if it delivers alcohol. Postmates is available in more than 4,200 cities throughout the U.S. During peak delivery times they charge an additional Blitz Pricing fee. They also offer an “Unlimited” service for $10 per month which provides you free delivery charges on select stores and restaurants on orders above $12. Postmates encourage their customers to report if the delivery guy appears unwell. The company has set up a Fleet Relief Fund to fund employees with COVID-19 medical expenses.

5- is another food delivery service that goes beyond the menu. Not only food, but you can also get groceries, a bottle of wine, or even get your dry cleaning done with this app. Similar to GrubHub, is free to use. The company makes its money by taking a small token of your pre-tip subtotal. Available in more than 12,000 merchants in 100 cities around the U.S. The app is free to use but restaurants charge delivery fees and have an order minimum. One can collect points from reward programs to get discounts on the next orders. 

Hungry for Sushi or how about Italian? Satisfy any kind of cravings with a few clicks. Whether at home or at the office or on the go, connects you with your favorite local restaurants. 

6- goPuff

While many of the online food delivery apps work as a middleman between restaurants and consumers, goPuff works as a convenience store. goPuff offers every kind of food item. Added to it, it also delivers household items. It owns warehouses that stock up many of the products including food, electronics, medications, and pet supplies. goPuff charges $2 as delivery fees with a $6/month option also available to users. goPuff is available in the U.S. but has also had a strong presence in more than 150 Southern and Midwest cities and towns.

7- ChowNow

Like many online food delivery apps, ChowNow provides digital tools from restaurant websites. But with the app’s dual approach, it can reach consumers directly through the app. This allows people to order from their favorite restaurants in one mobile location. Few search options are available including cuisine type or a list of restaurants in one’s current vicinity. The app being user-friendly offers useful information while you decide on a meal. You can find this app all around the U.S., large metropolitan cities like New York, LA, Chicago, Seattle, Portland, Dallas, and many more. No such blanket price for food and delivery is there with ChowNow because fees are fortuitous upon a restaurant’s prices and the location of the same. It will verify the exact pricing for the eatery you choose before finalizing the order.

8- Deliveroo

An online food delivery company based in London operates in 200 locations across the UK, the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Kuwait, and Puerto Rico. Deliveroo’s fees are dependent on the restaurants and their location. It offers fast and reliable delivery which can be tracked by the customer on their phones. Deliveroo has seen revenue growth increasing every year. Restaurants who partner with them also see a rise in revenue by 30%, creating thousands of jobs in the restaurant sector.

9- Seamless

This online food delivery app is simply the easiest way to order food for delivery or takeout. Whatever your mood is or wherever you’re in the mood for it, Seamless has got your back. The seamless user experience of the app is loved by all. Seamless allows users to order food from restaurants through the website or suite of mobile apps. It is owned by GrubHub and generated higher revenues last year.

10- Foodpanda

One of the pioneers in online food delivery services, Foodpanda has all your favorite food destinations and a variety of cuisines. It is user-centric and easy to order. Foodpanda is spread over a number of cities. It acts as a hunger savior for those who keep on searching for food online. Quicker order deliveries, exclusive deals, discounts, food coupons, and many more throughout the year are the other prime features of the app that attracts users.


The future of online food delivery apps is huge. The industry is set to reach USD 200 billion by 2025, led by the top 10 best food delivery apps mentioned above. Also, post-COVID-19, one can expect food delivery companies to continue their domination in 2021, and going forward, they can lead the industry to scale new heights.