Top 20 On-demand Grocery Delivery Apps India

grocery delivery apps India

As we all are busy making a living, we tend to buy everything online. From dresses to electronics to groceries, everything is bought with just a click. There are no unnecessary time-consuming trips to the supermarket anymore. All you need to do is have download one of the grocery delivery apps India and order groceries in your pajamas. No queues at check-counters, more comfortable virtual search, and features like such have made grocery shopping online possible.

Below are the top 20 on-demand grocery delivery apps India. Read on!

1- Big Basket

One of the leading grocery delivery apps India, Big Basket sells quality and fresh vegetables, fruits, beverages, personal care products, household items, meat and eggs, bread, grocery, and staples. And if savings on grocery shopping is at the top of your mind, Big Basket is the place for online groceries with best cashback offers. There are different payment methods available for the users to ensure convenient checkout. Payment methods include COD, e-wallets, debit and credit cards, net banking, etc. The return policy is so direct that the customers including Big Basket royal and BB popular customers will be asked no questions on the process.

2- Grofers

Why venture out in this pandemic when you could have all your grocery needs brought to your home by Grofers? Grofers stocks and sells fresh vegetables, fruits, quality beverages of your choice, varieties of bread, etc. All of your grocery list is at the touch of your fingertips with endless options to choose from. Why waste time going from market to market when you can have it all lined up at your doorstep? Grofers also has great cashback & discounts. Grofers accepts COD, all credit/debit cards, UPIs and net banking. It also has a smooth customer support and return policy for a hassle free experience.

3- Nature’s Basket

Nature’s basket is your one stop solution to all your grocery needs. Online grocery shopping has become a smoother and calmer experience thanks to the sheer amount of services that Nature’s Basket offers. It has a wide variety of fresh and organic vegetables & fruits and even exotic ones that are not available in many places. There’s a good variety of breads & beverages & juices for those who put their fitness on top. You can also get every major brand of packaged edible items at Nature’s Basket. There is also a 24/7 customer support that ensures a smooth and hassle free experience for the customers along with a no questions asked return policy. Nature’s basket accepts all credit/debit cards, net banking and pay on delivery.

4- Amazon Pantry
Amazon Pantry Grocery Delivery India

Amazon pantry is rapidly becoming the most popular online pantry shop in the country. The variety of vegetables, fruits, juices, beverages, breads, etc are a gift to those who find going to the market a tedious job. Amazon pantry is one of those grocery delivery apps India that has a ready customer support and return policy that is completely hassle free. It accepts all credit and debit cards, net banking and UPI and the payment process is safe and secure. You won’t have to step out of your home for groceries anymore.

5- Spencer’s

Looking for that exotic ingredients for your next dish? Spencer’s is your easiest and most reliable option. Spencer’s has been the industry leader in providing fast and easy grocery shopping solutions amongst grocery delivery apps India with a rapidly growing customer base. Spencer’s has every exotic fruit and vegetable and other staples that you need. It also has a great number of breads for the discerning customer. Spencer’s accepts all debit and credit cards and also has a pay on delivery facility. The return policy is equally smooth and easy.

6- My Kirana
MyKirana Grocery Delivery India

MyKirana, by HUL, is slowly but steadily becoming quite a household name due to several reasons. First- its stocks include every variety of fruits and vegetables. Second- there are a vast variety of grocery staples to suit every customer’s needs. Third- the payment and return policy are amazingly smooth and easy. These factors have helped MyKirana in garnering rave reviews and have also been instrumental in its meteoric rise. MyKirana is one of the best places to go for all your grocery needs.

7- Star Quik

StarQuik is by TATA enterprises is a hugely popular chain of grocery markets in the country. It’s sheer variety of grocery items and staples makes it a must go for all your needs. They have every variety of fruits, vegetables, breads and other staples for you to choose from. StarQuik accepts every debit/credit card, UPIs, and netbanking. They also offer cash on delivery and the return policy is very smooth with no questions asked. StarQuik is your one stop solution to all your grocery needs.

8- Big Bazaar
Big Bazaar Grocery App

Big bazar is a household name in the country. It stocks up on almost all the grocery items that you need and will answer all your needs for rice, wheat, grains, pulses. The best feature of Big bazar is that almost all the seasonal fruits and vegetables can be available all year round which is a huge bonus for customers who demand them. Big bazar has a really smooth customer experience due to its easy payment policy that accepts all cards, UPIs, net banking, etc and even offers cash on delivery with zero questions return policy if product found damaged or below standards.

9- D Mart
Grocery Delivery India DMart

DMart is a leading grocery market in the country that has a wide range of fruits, vegetables, rice, wheat, grains and pulses in stock. It also sells other important items like bread, meats, juices, milk, milk products and frozen foods. DMart has a large storage unit that helps in keeping meats and packaged food fresh and ready 24/7 and they are available the whole day. They accept credit and debit cards, net banking, UPI too. DMart’s customer policy is very smooth which leaves customers satisfied and the return policy is the icing on the cake

10- Supr Daily
Supr Daily - Grocery Delivery In India

Standing in queue for that meat and then when the line reaches you, the meat is finished. Sounds familiar? Well, Supr Daily is your solution to that problem. They have large meat storage units that store all kinds of meat in all kinds of cuts that you need. Just choose and pick with no hassles. Supr Daily sells all kinds of fruits, daily vegetables, grains, rice, dal and pulses too. The payment procedure is quite easy too as they accept not only cash but also all credit and debit cards, UPI and transfer along with cash on delivery for online orders with no minimum order value.

11- BigMart

Grains and pulses are a daily staple but the price and quality often fluctuate. At ‌BigMart‌ there will be no such issues. You will have a large variety and surplus stocks to choose from and pick the best quality grains at discounted prices. BigMart also offers discounts and promotional cashback that will make grocery shopping easy on your wallet. They accept all UPIs and debit and credit cards of all banks. The best thing is that they also have cash on delivery options for customers who don’t like to step out. The return policy is also smooth with no questions asked and customer support is available 24/7.

12- Country Delight

Country delight is true to its name and is one of the best markets to shop for all natural and organic produce. These products are sourced straight from the farms and are high quality and absolutely fresh. Country Delight also offers a host of other grocery items such as antibiotic free eggs, bread, dairy products and beverages. They also have an endless range of everyday items that are required in homes such as cleaning agents, detergents and dishwashers. They accept all forms of payment and also have cash on delivery options. The app has a fully functional support team dedicated to resolving your queries and addressing your feedback and complaints.

13- Bazaar Cart
Bazaar Cart - Grocery Delivery India

Bazaar Cart is a growing name as the supplier of high quality meat of all varieties. It always has a surplus stock of high quality meats for personal use as well as commercial/restaurant purposes. The quality standards maintained by Bazaar Cart makes it an industry leader. Not only do they accept heavy demands but also maintain the high standards for customers who buy smaller amounts for personal use. They accept all forms of payment such as credit cards, UPI and net banking.

14- Grofrills

Grofrills is Kashmir’s first iconic virtual supermarket which delivers groceries straight to your home. It should be your destination if you are looking to make grocery shopping a less hassle free job and order everything right from your home in Kashmir. There’s no need to go outside and buy several things from several different shops. Grofrills easily solves that issue for you. All you have to do is select the things you want, put them on your cart and straightaway order. They accept all forms of payment including credit cards, debit cards, UPI, netbanking, etc. They also have 24/7 customer support for any issue.

15- OnDoor
OnDoor - Grocery App

OnDoor brings the market to your doorstep at the touch of your phone. Shopping for groceries has always been a tedious job and it is all the more time consuming when you have to go from one market to another for a single item. OnDoor solves that issue for you as it is your one stop solution for all the grocery items that you need at one place. To make things easier you can just select all that you want and have them delivered to your home. You don’t have to ever step out of your home for grocery anymore. OnDoor offers cashback and discounts too along with the option of cash on delivery of grocery items.

16- ZipZo

ZipZo signifies the future of shopping for you. It will significantly ease your burden of having to move from market to market in search of basic everyday grocery items of your choice and brand. ZipZo has a huge list of brands and items to choose from and they have all of your favourite brands to choose from. They offer amazing discounts and cashback on the items too which will help you save a lot on your shopping. They accept all major debit and credit cards, net banking and even have the option of pay on delivery along with a hassle free return policy.

17- Dunzo

Founded in 2014, Dunzo has grown to be the city’s favourite app. The most attractive feature of Dunzo is the fast delivery. It has a record of delivering groceries in less than 30 minutes. With several online & offline payments structures, Dunzo delivers a single product to your doorstep as well. Get first three deliveries free with Dunzo. The app connects you to the nearest delivery partner to buy, pick-up or deliver groceries in any part of the cities mainly Bengaluru, Delhi, Gurugram, Pune, Chennai, Jaipur, Mumbai and Hyderabad.

18- Paytm Mall

PayTM Mall, the e-commerce venture of payment giant PayTM, has ventured into grocery shopping and assures the delivery of the best products to your doorstep. Its quick and seamless delivery service and promising quality check make it a reliable grocery delivery app in India. It can be accessed through the web or Android/iOS apps. It gives excellent offer prices on all products and easy return and payment options.

19- Jio Mart
Jio Mart - Grocery Delivery Apps India

Jio Mart was launched in 2019 as a joint venture by Reliance Retail & Jio platforms. It works as a mediator between the grocery stores and end customers. Mainly deals with deliveries of groceries & daily essentials, Jio Mart is currently present in more than 200 cities and towns. Also known for offering products at an affordable price range, it also offers cashback & coupon offers on every purchase. The app can be linked to one’s personal Whatsapp for a user-friendly experience.

20- Big Bachat
Big Bachat - Grocery Delivery App

Big Bachat is another one of the top grocery delivery apps India that stands out because of its customer-centric design and exceptional features. You can shop for groceries, beverages, packaged food like biscuits and snacks, and several other things from Big Bachat. It makes shopping for what you need very easy by letting you search with a brand name or category. It also provides several seasonal and special offers using which customers can buy products with significant savings.