White Label Mobile App Development Vs Custom App Development – The better deal!

White label mobile app development vs custom app development

Gone are those days when building a mobile app was only feasible for big players and industry giants. Now, as the technology evolves it has become much easier and more accessible nowadays for smaller companies to build an app for their business. Popular options like white label mobile app development and custom app development gives easy access.

One of the earliest questions that crop up in your mind during the discussion of a potential mobile application – Should you be building it from scratch or rely on a white label mobile application?

What Will You Pick – White Label App vs. Custom solution?

Now, that’s a brain scratcher. Difficulties might rise for which app development type can bring better outcomes for your business enterprise. To make things easier for you, we have gathered information upon factors that you should consider before looking to make the right decision.

White Label Mobile App – Advantages & Benefits

Designed by using a generic app framework, a white label mobile application gives you access to a blueprint model in which you will be able to customize the company’s logo, name, and other specific details to build your own application. Supposedly, a Company X designs white label app and sells its prototype, design models & basics, revenue-generating strategies to Company Y. Then, Y uses all the data & insights to make their own mobile app, a replication of company X design.

There are some essential benefits that one should know about, such as:

  • It takes less time to design & develop a White label mobile app, making the development process shorter.
  • Minimal effort required for app design and branding.
  • Customize your own app using the basics.
  • Most of the white label apps are hybrid which means one can easily make the business’s app presence across various platforms. 
  • Most importantly, the cost is much lower than the custom application development. 

Custom App Development – A Quick Summary

Once we start talking about custom mobile app development, it automatically explains the process of developing an application where one can tailor-made the whole development process as per one’s needs. A better way is to pick each element of a mobile app as per your needs and the latest ongoing trends.  

White Label Mobile Apps v/s Custom Mobile Apps – Which One The Better Deal for You?

Custom App provides the freedom to decide which and what type of feature to introduce. It gives an edge to develop an application with full flexibility & transform it. 

So, let us start with the factors to consider.

The Factors to Watch Out for 

The factors that will help out to compare and determine both white-label mobile apps and custom app development are- 

  1. Feature and App Structure 
  2. User Experience 
  3. Resources and Time 
  4. Maintenance and Sustainability 
  5. Security 
  6. Cost

Feature and Structure of an App

As a small business owner, when you are thinking of investing in white label mobile app development, you get to know that the design is not made as per the business model. The app structure of a white label application has already been tried and checked in the market. In custom app structure vs white label mobile app, the former is entirely new to the mobile market. Thus, it carries the risk of app formation failure if you don’t succeed in following the optimal mobile app development procedure.

User Experience

One of the most essential factors that can help you choose from custom app development or white label is the user experience. As mentioned above, white label apps come with basic features & functionalities and can be easily customized keeping the users in mind. But when you think of transforming your app idea into reality, then everything starts from the scratch where everything from wireframing to UI/UX design to A/B testing is worked upon newly. 

Therefore, choosing from both the aspects depends on your type of business, its needs & the kind of audience it caters to. 

Maintenance and Sustainability

White label apps are developed from the existing app codes, therefore the risk for bugs & errors in the code is minimal. Being tested in the app industry, the white label gets a green flag of sustainability without failures. 

Whereas, the custom development app comes with a higher risk of bugs & errors in the app code. A company hired for structuring the custom development app goes through every element of the app. Moreover, testing procedures follow for a new feature addition or modification. 

So, in this scenario of Custom mobile app vs white label mobile app, the white-label mobile apps win over custom apps.

Resources and time

Building something from scratch naturally require a lot of time as well as resources. Custom app development needs more time and resources to develop an android or iOS application when hiring a custom iPhone or Android app development company. The design & development stages of white label applications require reusing of codes of existing applications. So, the time & resources are pretty much lower for building an app.

For someone new to the industry or small business owners thinking to shift online, white label app development is the way to go.


Hands down, when it comes to costing part white label mobile apps are the winner due to code reuse. The cost to develop a white label app is quite affordable than investing in a custom made app. 


When it comes to white label app development, you can modify and get a ready-made mobile app in no time. It lowers the risk of identifying bugs and errors and you can modify your app code accordingly.   

However, in custom app development, you have to start everything from scratch and have to write down complete code. After completing the code, you have to test and modify it and more. This will not only take up more time but can also result in a complete failure. Therefore, it is best to go with the white-label mobile app. 

What Services Do We Offer At Cruzo?

At Cruzo, we encourage & motivate small business owners and startups to focus on white label mobile app development. We know how much cost, resources, and time it takes to get a user-friendly app ready for your business entity. Therefore, we have designed you white label innovative and customer-focused web and mobile solutions by putting into our best efforts. 

So keeping the whole situation in mind, if you also feel yourself lean towards white label app development for your business needs and if you are thinking of hiring the best web and mobile solution company, you can quickly contact our experts.